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Title: Will an optometrist help you get back to 20/40?
Post by: OtisBrown on May 08, 2015, 02:43:09 AM
QUESTION:  What does your optometrist think about his use (and prescription) of a strong minus lens, while you can still read the 20/40 line?

Is the minus lens "safe".  Does the minus lens not only "not help", but opens the door to make your vision profoundly worse.  Here is the answer.

I do not agree with this optometrist.  But then, that means, that if I want continued prevention (by my wearing a plus for all close work,
I must 1) Always confirm my Snellen at better-than 20/40, and 2) Measure my own refraction myself.  3) Understand that for each
year I spend in school, my refraction WILL go down at a rate of -1/2 diopter per year.

For me, any wearing of a minus, guarantees that I will go down so far - that I will not be able to get out of it.

You can trust this OD's statement - if you wish.  I do not, but I will not argue with him.  Continued prevention, requires,
continued wearing of a plus - for all close work.

Or just forget about all this - and wear your minus lens.  It is no skin off my nose.
Title: Re: Will an optometrist help you get back to 20/40?
Post by: OtisBrown on May 09, 2015, 07:58:41 AM
I always like to juxtapose difficult concepts.

Here is the request:

An intelligent person will look at evidence that predicts his future vision.  Most people will refuse to look at that type
of scientific proof.  I hope we all look at science, before we start wearing a minus lens - ever again.

Don Rehm is suggesting that "Doctors" help with "just prevention".  The "Doctors" insist that even the slightest prevention - is
totally impossible.

This is why, if you wish prevention, you might as well not ask for help - from an optometrist.

Why is that true?

Title: Re: Will an optometrist help you get back to 20/40?
Post by: OtisBrown on May 09, 2015, 06:23:11 PM

Subject: I do not "enjoy" being a critic of an optometrist. 

I think *I* should be offered the choice of prevention, while prevention is still possible.  That means that I must understand
the extreme pressure on an optometrist by our "ignorance".  But this is total chaos.  Here is some humorous
commentary by an optometrist - for your enjoyment.

My only answer - is to develop the expertise to measure my own refractive state - and protect my vision by always exceeding the 20/25 line.

If being SLIGHTLY nearsighted (20/40), then think how depressing it is to have paid $200,000 for that OD degree.

I have optometrist friends.  I respect them.  But they can never help anyone.
Title: Re: Will an optometrist help you get back to 20/40?
Post by: OtisBrown on May 10, 2015, 10:38:06 AM

Subject: What do you trust?  Science?  An OD who over-prescribes you - all the time?

An OD who is more concerned with paying off his $160,000 student debt - that with you protecting *your* distant vision for life,
by wearing a plus for near, when you get down to 20/30, and -3/4 diopters.

Very important points made by Jake:


"I wrote this book because I sincerely believe that nothing less than a crime is being perpetrated against our children, all for the sake of profit.  There may be very few who might be considered malicious perpetrators but nonetheless, everyone profits from telling you that your child’s eyes are broken.

And they are wrong.  They are terribly and completely wrong.

But once you accept their diagnosis and “treatment plan”, their assessment becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.  Your child’s eyes will indeed get worse.  Only that this isn’t because of genetic problem (we will talk about that soon).  It is in fact the very treatment program that causes most of the future problems of your child’s eyes.  I would dare any optometrist to dispute this, weighted against the massive amount of clinical evidence that points to their treatment as the root of the massive myopia epidemic currently sweeping the world.


The natural eye has always been dynamic, as proven in fundamental science.   But the OD has no "time" for you.

The issue is this - I am interested in knowing my own predictive visual future, if I REFUSE to wear a plus when entering college. 
Yet NO OD will tell you the proven fact - that if you refuse to wear the plus, your refraction WILL GO DOWN at a rate of -1/2 diopter per year.
But that is proven science, and no OD has any interest in science.

But the real issue is this:

I am willing to work on "draining the swamp" with people who understand the science of it.

The OD only wants to "fight with the alligators", and that is not how you solve the issue of prevention.

So enjoy laughing at the concept of "draining the swamp", and enjoy the serious myopia you are certain to develop - if
you make the "easy choice."