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: Ladies, Let's Discuss Vision and Hormones
: strongmama June 15, 2015, 12:38:03 PM
Are there any other ladies on here who notice how hormonal fluctuations affect vision?

Since I've had Snellen charts hanging up around the house and keeping track of my fluctuations, I am downright shocked at how much my vision decreases during my period. I lose two or three lines on the chart while my period is at its heaviest! I've watched this happen for a couple of cycles now. I tried doing some research on it and found this fascinating article, "The Surprising Effect of Pregnancy and Nursing on Eyesight":,,20412067,00.html

I am currently not nursing or pregnant, although trying, so my hormones do the full monthly swing. I have a friend who is breastfeeding and told me she's having new vision changes. Does anyone else notice changes in eyesight related to hormones? Any other experiences to share?