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Title: Need Advice
Post by: mantasva on July 30, 2016, 01:46:38 AM
So I am doing print pushing for almost 3 weeks but my vision seems to become worse. So maybe somebody can show me my sticking points. I was reading for majority of time in D2 and sometimes pulling back to D1for a minute. Then yesterday I have found that I need to do the opposite: read vast of time in D1 and from time to time push to D2 for a minute. So I am confused right now how it is supposed to be. Also I want to say since I am -4.5 I hate using computer screen with my naked eyes since I compromise my posture by being so close from screen. I prefer reading on my smartphone with a anti-glare protector on the screen or a book. I print push with naked eye and I do not use any glasses at all. I do have undercorrected -3.5 glasses but I just used them once in the last 3 weeks while I was driving. And I hate wearing glasses. I feel strain when I put them on. So any suggestions or ideas? Thank you!
Title: Re: Need Advice
Post by: OtisBrown on July 30, 2016, 09:44:04 AM

Maybe this statement will help you:

I see this constantly.  A person has a mild prescription - and then refuses to ever look at a Snellen.  Here is a
-3 diopter person who went to 20/30 in about thee months.

Make your own judgments.  Personally, I have my own Snellen up and read 20/20, and confirm
my refraction at +1/2 diopters.  Hope this helps you in your research.

Title: Re: Need Advice
Post by: mantasva on July 30, 2016, 10:58:06 PM
I do not really understand your advice, Otis. Is is to read endmyopia blog? Since  I am eastern european I prefer to use other type eyechart then Snellen. I think there is no big difference how to check your progress anyway.
Thank you!