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Title: How to "deal" with an arrogant optometrist?
Post by: OtisBrown on November 12, 2016, 05:25:26 AM
I am friends with optometrists!  But, in many ways, I judge that they are "tone deaf", to the concept of prevention (before that first minus lens).  I will post this remark by Despina (OD), where she totally ignores the issue of "low myopia", and the need to consider wearing a plus, to get your Snellen, "back to 20/40", and self-measure your own refraction - at home.  Here are the remarks:

I am certain that Despina is sincere.  But being sincere - does not solve any problems.  If you have a mild negative status - you will ALWAYS get a strong minus prescription.  Despina - needs to discuss this issue with you.  A supportive OD, should discuss the need for you to accept the 20/40 line - as a reasonable standard - for all our children.  No OD will do this for you.  He will try to sell you "Ortho-K", or contact lenses.  But he will NEVER trust your intelligence - to intentionally avoid wearing a minus lens, and personally verify  both your Snelllen (easy to do), and your refractive state (that takes more wise effort).

If they would meet the above conditions - I would negotiate with them.  But they are absolute.  No one can get himself  out of it (or at least to 20/40.  If anyone does it - the OD will say it was a "tear film", and that, "... it never happens".

SO ... what do I suggest?  For a strong prescription - I make no suggestion.  For a mild prescription - I strong suggest self-checking.

We must PASS a reasonable objective standard - at home.  That is the 20/40 line.

For myself - If I were in that STATUS,  I would order a minus one glasses - from Zennioptical, for about $10.  Then I would verify that I could read the 20/25 line though that simple " - 1 D).  I would then use that lens for driving at night.

For near, I would be wearing a +2.0 for ALL READING I DO.  (And I do a lot of reading and computer work !!)

Virtually on OD will help you with this.  They figure it is, "... not their responsibility..."  because it takes wisdom and long-term plus wearing to get objective results.

In that sense - I agree with them.  Most people are bored, or have no interest at all. In the sense of "pure default", I do accept the OD's argument - because few people have any interest at all.

Add  your own thoughts.  I might have a "problem" with long-term plus wearing - but quite frankly - there is no other choice.
Title: Re: How to "deal" with an arrogant optometrist?
Post by: OtisBrown on November 12, 2016, 07:25:34 AM
I  have no intention to "fight" with an OD in his office.  There is no point to doing that.

The OD has no chance to help you - and that is the simple truth about optometry.