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Title: LISTEN to the ODs talk. Todd got out of it. ODs will put you into it.
Post by: OtisBrown on November 21, 2017, 07:43:23 AM
Dear Friends,
I consider that "first minus", when you can still read the 20/50 line, to be deadly.  (The science for that statement is perfect.) 
But I do agree, that I must meet or exceed the 20/40 line, under my control - at all times.  For me, that means long-term plus wearing (very comfortable) and wise. 
Do  I, "bad mouth" these ODs?  No, I do not - because they are blind to objective science.  Are they concerned about the myopia epidemic?  Well - please listen to this 6 minute video.

Yes, prevention, at 20/50 is extremely difficult, with a plus.  But any wearing of any minus lens - and your distant vision goes down at a rate of -1/2 diopter per year. 

These ODs know these issues.  But they will never, "empower" you to understand them.

I can only, "stand up" for a person, who has the motivation, to "empower" himself to take prevention seriously.  Todd has attempted to help you, with his own success.

Title: Re: LISTEN to the ODs talk. Todd got out of it. ODs will put you into it.
Post by: OtisBrown on November 24, 2017, 05:40:41 PM
Personally, I gave up on ODs - where they have their loaded pretense of a desire to help you get out of it.  For this reason, I use my own test lenses, and confirm 20/20 to 20/15, on my own Snellen.  This video expresses my scientific opinion, about what would be possible, for the person with great personal resolve to wear the plus correctly, (while still at 20/40, and self measured -1 diopter).

People think they will, "go to an OD who will confirm your, "success".  You are very naive - if you even begin to think that way. 
It is indeed true that just, "staying out of it", and always passing the 20/40 line - is difficult.

But then, that is a matter of your educated choice.
Title: Re: LISTEN to the ODs talk. Todd got out of it. ODs will put you into it.
Post by: OtisBrown on November 25, 2017, 05:01:47 AM
I am indeed friends with ODs and MDs.  But - I do not appreciate their arrogance.  They have memorized the, "box camera" picture of the eye, that maintains that, all prevention - is impossible.  If fact, with great personal resolve, and persistence, Todd got back to good visual acuity.  But no OD will ever acknowledge - that is reasonable and possible. 

But - please listen to the arguments of this medical person - and make your own intelligent choice.


The Medical / Optometry theory of the eye - by Gigi Bundy.
(Response post to, "Truther Girl", about the eye's behavior. )

I’m an Optician and Vision Therapist of 10 years, I can tell you a few things that are factual:

1) Vision Therapy (the eye exercises that she is referring to) does NOT “cure, fix, etc” your need for glasses.

 2) Your need for glasses is based on the refraction “error” in your eyes. Basically light is not hitting your retinal the “way it’s supposed to” so glasses are a form of “correction” that aid the light to hit your fovea. This is all the physics of your eye.

 3) Your Vision is based on several components, the most basic and COMMON is the way that the light hits your eyes(retina) but if you’re having other issues like eye muscle issues, this will affect the FOCUSING of your’s a completely different t science and that’s why OD’s are specialized in this stuff.

4) Fixing things such as EYE MUSCLE problems will improve Vision, obviously because your eyes can work together better and therefore eliminating focusing problems.

 5) your eyes are very complex, there’s soooooooo much more to it than just an organ.

 6) A yearly eye check up is NOT just to provide you with a pair of glasses. The doctor can asses a health exam by just looking into your eyes. They don’t look at the color of your eyes and the “white part” of your eyes to conclude your health.

There’s something called a RETINA that shows things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and other life threatening diseases as well as things to prevent you from going blind if it’s treated on time. Do some more research on Vision, these doctors don’t go to school for 8 years to just give you a pair of glasses and make money off of you.
I have never said that, "cure" was possible.  In fact, I have always stated that a person should go to a medical doctor for a medical check. 

For me, this is not about medicine.  The minus works instantly, no doubt.  I object to her failed theory, that insists that all prevention is impossible - based on her failed theory of the eye.
Title: Re: LISTEN to the ODs talk. Todd got out of it. ODs will put you into it.
Post by: OtisBrown on November 26, 2017, 01:17:32 PM
Hey guys -
The medical profession judges you to be, "brain dead". Do you feel that way about yourself?

The issue of prevention (under your control), is a matter of science (if you are close to 20/40), and have the judgment and fortitude to wear the plus for the long-term.

Even I will not make, "great claims" about, "getting out of it", beyond about 20/50.

Long-term plus wearing is science.  Quick fixing is medicine.  Wearing any minus, drives you deep into myopia, deep enough so it is almost impossible to get "back out of it".

Todd was wise, and smart about this, "long term wearing of a plus for all near work".  (when still at 20/60). But any one thinking that this  is a "short term cure", has not understood the problem, both in medicine, and about himself.

Think for yourself.  Look at your own Snellen, for the long term. For myself, I wear a plus, long-term, because I know that I must, and no OD will ever be of any help to me.

Prevention is an education in science. 
Title: Re: LISTEN to the ODs talk. Todd got out of it. ODs will put you into it.
Post by: OtisBrown on November 27, 2017, 01:43:36 PM
Yes, I know ODs think they are GODs, and that you are stupid.  Well - I do not think you are stupid.  I think, with training, you will realize that a minus, always causes myopia - in pure science.  But, equally, I do accept that I must, commit, to wearing the plus, before I go below 20/40, in High School.

Read the "medical opinion" by Patrick, about how safe and necessary the minus is for your child! 

Science of all fundamental eyes - but here by be separated from this level of ignorance, in medicine.   Todd - got this correctly.

Yes, I know you do not want to accept, "long term plus wearing", in high school.  Well, when you get down to -3 diopters and 20/200, do not come back to me and complain about your self-created problem.  I gave you an honest scientific choice - and you blew it.
Title: Re: LISTEN to the ODs talk. Todd got out of it. ODs will put you into it.
Post by: OtisBrown on November 27, 2017, 09:17:26 PM
Success report.  (If a low minus, get a Snellen, and get off your ass - and do something on your own. )

People complain about Jake and his claims.  They say, "no OD confirmation".  But, who cares.  Just use your own Snellen, and at least exceed the 20/30 line, at home.  20/20 tends to be the, "Holy Grail".  You do not truly need it.

So yes, some things in life are a compromise.  But I have 20/20, always self checked. Do i complain?

You complain that Todd did not do it!  Or you complain about long-term wearing of a plus, when at 20/40. 

I make no claims about "large minus".  I say, that we would not have, "large minus" people, if they just would have started wearing a plus, before they went, "below" 20/50.

Help yourself.