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: Why a medical person, "Will never talk to you about prevention at 20/50".
: OtisBrown June 23, 2018, 05:41:47 AM
Dear pure-prevention friends,
There are indeed, legal reasons, for the dead silence when you ask any question about "recovery" from 20/50.  Here is a video explaining why they seem so, "dumb" to me about Todd's success.

Todd was successful.  Why?  Because he had the "smarts" to by-pass the crazy self-defense attitude as it exists in medicine.
In fact, at 20/40 (self measured -1 diopter) the problem is coming exclusively from the child's nose-on-page habit.  There is no other reason for that first, "negative state" for our totally normal eyes.

I am typing this, reading an writing though a +2.5 diopter.  This is to protect my confirmed 20/20 vision on my Snellen.
I do not advocate that anyone attempt to do this - unless he can confirm 20/50 on his own Snellen.
But you must understand - why no one medical, will not help you.