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Title: Why people REJECT wearing the plus.
Post by: OtisBrown on September 07, 2012, 02:52:45 AM
With Todd's permission - I will post this discussion.

In recent posts, on man wore the plus and was getting results (to 20/50).  (From a prescription of -3.5 diopters.)

But then he quit.  I will discuss the reasons WHY he quit - just when he MIGHT have succeeded.

For myself - I wish "I" had the type of support necessary to get out of nearsightedness. But if the person does not "get the idea" - then no progress is possible.

I will continue this review in due course.


Title: Re: Why people REJECT wearing the plus.
Post by: OtisBrown on September 16, 2012, 12:18:37 PM
Subject:  Why EXACTLY is prevention never discussed by an Optometrist.

It is often "thrown in my face" - that is plus-prevention is effective (up to 20/60) why do medical people 1) Never discuss it 2) Never offer it or 3) Say that it is impossible.
I have certainly have acknowledged that it takes a 1) Wise person 2) Self-motivated person - who has long-term interest, and 3) A person who can over-come any "risk" that he might think exists about wearing a plus for all close work.  I always like to submit a "Case in point" - to explain WHY prevention is personal. I would read through the remarks of Shadowfoot, and "Zane" in this sequence.

In my opinion, Zane did take the valuable "first steps" in prevention, and, had he continued, could have gotten his Snellen clear - to pass the required DMV line - and eventually 20/20.  Pilots have done this (under their motivated control). But Zane could not do it.

I think anyone SERIOUS about his distant vision must truly understand this issue - and resolve it for himself.  I thank Todd for being so supportive for Zane - but we must realize that prevention will always be PERSONAL.

Title: Re: Why people REJECT wearing the plus.
Post by: OtisBrown on September 17, 2012, 03:55:10 AM
Subject:  Personal Note about cataract surgery.

With respect to a cataract - there is no choice.  The internal lens of the eye must be replaced.  We are told that, once that is done, YOU WILL HAVE NO ACCOMMODATION.  By that they mean, you will have clear distant vision (I CONFIRM 20/20, objectively), but that any reading WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE. 

For the record, I am sitting here typing this and reading these letters a 22 inces, with no lens on my face.  Like so many statements made in medicine - this is yet another office-myth.

My distant refractive status is +3/4 diopters (objectively tested), and I can read at  20 inches ( -2.0 diopters).  So that means a change of 2.75 diopters in terms of total power - in eyes for which "accommodation" is impossible.

There is something profoundly wrong with the theory they teach in optometry schools.

Title: Re: Why people REJECT wearing the plus.
Post by: OtisBrown on September 17, 2012, 05:05:02 PM
Subject: Medical Doctors helping their children with true plus-prevention.

Hi Nate,

I was never interested in giving anyone who is "medical" a hard time.  In fact, I take full responsibility for myself.  Like you, my interest was very strong that I "protect" my sister's children - that these "kids" learn how to protect their distant vision (by wearing the plus - when necessary) through the school years.

The classic "picture", or "text-book concept" (so easy to teach) is badly flawed.  Whatever success you might personally achieve (considerable by my judgment), your real success - will be protecting your children distant vision through the school years.  Thanks for your efforts!



Quote from: Nate on Today at 02:29:17 PM
Actually, one year feels like a fairly long time.  It definitely takes work.  But now I can work on my computer and at my desk without glasses or contacts-and it feels very liberating.  I should be clear that although I started at -6 diopters, and now I am in -3 diopters, the -6 was in total focus, and the -3 is not-but the -3 is "functional".

As an aside, since I learned about this program, 3 of my daughters were diagnosed with nearsightedness by the school screening program.  I was able to train all three of them out of any need for glasses within a few weeks.  Much easier than my process has been.  But, they had never worn glasses at all.

So, you have saved at least three people from a lifetime of lenses.

Title: Re: Why people REJECT wearing the plus.
Post by: OtisBrown on October 23, 2012, 06:50:02 AM
My greatest sympathy  exists for this OD who must "deal" with this type of question(s).

In fact "Hope" did not provide 1) His refraction 2) His reading of his own Snellen.  Asking "rambling" questions about "the plus" - does not work.

But enjoy the reading of this commentary.

Hope>  Ok, I read the blog. I am puzzled though. I get how the whole process with the plus lenses work. My question is, people say if you wear a minus lense your eyes get worse. Wouldnt the same thing apply even if you were wearing a plus. I also read on the forum that Todd and Otis tell people not to worry about the up close vision getting worse because it usually happens to people over 40. Well, I have a friend, he is 17 he has 15/20 vision. I know another kid. He is about 10 years old or less and his up close vision is horrible maybe +4. I have done this for a couple months. I read on the de angelo book, this guy says “do not do it it causes floaters” I have to say that my eyes feel like they are getting squeezed maybe getting harder and I do see more floaters. I know Todd and Otis say that you should be safe wearing plus lenses if your young, your up close vision will mess up, it doesnt hapeen till your over 40. Well explain to me why do my friends have bad up close vision and they werent even wearing plus lenses except for the 10 year old. Just seems kind of suspicious.


Good luck for "Hope".  But anyone who is in "stark fear" of wearing a plus - will never wear them long enough to see ANY EFFECT AT ALL.  This is truly why no OD can "prescribe" prevention.  It is simply NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

This is why Severson and Todd were successful. They actually over-came their own "doubt" about wearing the plus and DID IT.  All others are simply confused - sorry to say.

Title: Re: Why people REJECT wearing the plus.
Post by: OtisBrown on January 01, 2013, 10:36:16 AM

Subject: Why ATTEMPTS to help the "general public" - is virtually impossible.

Todd cleared his Snellen back to normal - because he was not too "deep" into nearsightedness, and he over-came his "fear" of wearing the plus correctly.  He has attempted to help others.  Todd has now closed to "blogs".

1)  Improve your eyesight and throw away your glasses, and
2) How one person improved his vision.

I would like to summarize what the "problems" the people had - who posted on these two blogs.

1) Eveyone wanted INSTANT RESULTS.
3) With rare exceptions - they would not look at a Snellen eye-chart.
4) If they did - they gradually became "afraid" to wear the plus.

I hate to say this - but it take a great deal of intelligence and MOTIVATION to wear the plus (and before your Snellen goes below 20/60).

I know that the "logic" of most people demands that the "obvious" be fixed FIRST.  So the obvious is 20/40 vision, and if you attempt to "reason" with a person, and explain that they must NOT fix the OBVIOUS - they get VERY UPSET.

This is why no OD will discuss this subject with you.  I think the response to Todd's two blogs make that problem rather obvious.

Prevention will take long-term dedication to the "wearing of the plus".  I know we EACH will have our own opinion on that advocacy.

If Todd or others have any statement about the "failure" of a person's intellect - feel free to post you judgment.