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Title: Our FEARS dominate our lives - in an adverse manner.
Post by: OtisBrown on January 15, 2013, 09:56:01 AM
This is indeed a PERSONAL page.

I am an Engineer, interested in abstract (and accurate) science as it concerns the proven behavior of all natural eyes.  It is always a pleasure to me to do this analysis - and get the correct answer.  I advocate PREVENTION of "nearsightedness" for the person who is at 20/40 to 20/60, and has the ability to over-come his fears about wearing a "plus" lens at that point.  In fact I was inspired by optometrists who argued FOR prevention under that circumstance.

I can understand the "fear" of wearing a plus for prevention (while you still can), and I try to address the person's fear that prevent him from taking prevention seriously - when he should, or must take it seriously.  I have flown experimental aircraft - and took a sailboat across an ocean.  Was there "fear" in doing that? Of course there was.  But I mitigated my fear, by obtaining as much education about flying an blue-water sailing - that I could.  I will continue posting remarks about facing your fears (regarding preventing nearsightedness, at 20/50, and -1.0 diopter) on this thread.  The great example of success was Brian Severson (who did not hold back from wearing the plus) and Todd.

Title: Re: Our FEARS dominate our lives - in an adverse manner.
Post by: OtisBrown on January 18, 2013, 05:19:11 PM
Subject:  I want to be told scientific (engineering) truth.

As an engineer, I realize that the limit to true-prevention - is more the "public's" poor understanding of these issues, rather than any scientific problem.  I do restrict what I advocate to about 20/50 to 20/60 (verified on YOUR Snellen), and expect the person to have good knowledge in science and statistics.  This approach simply can never be taught, "in medicine" - so I think it is a waste of time to get into "medical arguments" that have no point.  Further, as an Engineer, I know if I want science done RIGHT - then I know I MUST DO IT MYSELF.  I am not a "dependent" person. 

I am often asked to PROVE that people like Brian Severson worked his way from 20/60 to 20/20.  I believe that a wise person could be part of a prevention program - if he was willing to accept any "risks" that might be part of such a successful program.  For the record, here is my proposal, on my site  - to include a free copy of my book to support this type of scientific study.

Just click on "Plus Science" to review the Excel spread-sheet analysis of this science.

Title: Re: Our FEARS dominate our lives - in an adverse manner.
Post by: OtisBrown on February 05, 2013, 09:21:34 AM

Question:  Does the minus stretch the back of your eye?  Science says yes.

So do wise ophthalmologists.  I always like to SEE the SCIENCE that shows this effect.  This is denied by ODs and MDs over-prescribing a min us lens.  This is why I FEAR THEM.  This is why I always work to exceed the 20/40 line - so I will NEVER wear a minus again.

Here is what actually happens - in a controlled repeatable scientific
experiment.  (Obviously you can not do this to a human - you would
destroy the child's vision.  So no, this is pure-science, not

Look carefully at the back of the eye - and think of the retina
"pulling away" from stair-case myopia - made far worse by that first
over-prescribed minus lens.
Here is some more review of this stretching problem - for your

Has you OD explained this secondary issue to you?  Before he put your
child into a strong minus - when the child still reads the 20/40
line?  Why not ask him if he "practices prevention" - as a

I understand ALL the difficulties of prevention.  But I refuse to accept that PREVENTION IS IMPOSSIBLE - AT 20/40 TO 20/50.

Title: Re: Our FEARS dominate our lives - in an adverse manner.
Post by: OtisBrown on April 15, 2013, 04:54:37 AM
Subject:  A Statement by an Plus-Prevention Ophthalmologist from Finland.


Kaisu> I recently happened to come across a wonderful statement by a middle-aged
Finnish lady on the internet: Eureka, the myopia is decreasing in leaps and

By Dr. Viikari

"The patients" have provoced this paragraph to become added into the Prefacae of the book, my designer architect Vesa Loikas is at present
laying out, of my website.



It is incredible that in spite of the fact that I  have r e p e a t e d l  stressed that the only stumbling block for preventing myopia is its simplicity, people insist on expecting more complicated instructions. All sorts of restrictions or measures added to my advice are only confusing and tiring, without bringing any improvement.

If you do what I advise in my writings, you will improve automatically.


I received this as an email today - and I post it to show how totally a vision professional advocated what Todd competed.

I truly wish we were given this statement - while we were still at 20/40, and -1.0 diopters.  Most of us  never are given anything, except an over-prescribed minus  - and DEAD SILENCE IF WE ASK ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE ADVERSE EFFECT OF A MINUS LENS ON THE EYE.


Title: Re: Our FEARS dominate our lives - in an adverse manner.
Post by: OtisBrown on May 14, 2013, 05:20:13 PM
Subject:  Message I received from "LinkedIn".
Reference: The OD is totally CONCENTRATED in fixing your eyes under HIS control.  His uses of the word, "Refractive ERROR" as part of that blindness.  Yes, "Refractive ERROR" is the goose always lays the "Golden Egg".  This OD, in his office, will never find a way to "fix it" - for obvious reason.  Do not kid yourself about this issue.

For some ODs, the "scales fell from their eyes", about KIDS and prevention.  Here are the insights about that issue.

This became my "final conclusion".  Even the most dedicated of optometrists could NEVER help me, or anyone else, with true-prevention, because of the hostility of the public (in their ignorance) about the need to wear the plus at -1.0 diopters.  It will take a very wise person to understand this issue - and make the necessary commitment to wearing the plus successfully at 20/40.