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Title: How I avoid an un-necessary "astigmatic" prescription.
Post by: OtisBrown on May 23, 2013, 09:00:25 AM
Subject: This is my personal opinion about the cylinder or (astigmatic) measurement.

Reference:  When I was nearsighted, the OD consistently over-prescribed for "astigmatism".  I truly hated that prescription - it gave me migraine headaches.  Here is how I measure my refractive status with a spherical minus  lens.

Item:  I get many questions about this issue. I think all "astigmatism" is so small - that *I* can, and will ignore it.

If a spherical lens (by your own test) gives you self-measured 20/20 - I truly doubt you need an "astigmatic" enhancement. Here is my opinion on this subject.

The next video, shows how difficult it is to use a "rickety" trial-frame for this measurement.  I truly doubt that it is ever 1) Accurate, or even 2) Necessary.

As always, do your own research, and make your own wise decisions and choices.  I certainly believe that objective self-measurement is the way to resolve this issue.

My goal is to get to, and objectively pass the 20/40 line.  I do not want to wear an astigmatic lens - if I am objectively reading the 20/20 line.  Maybe you want to - I do not want to - that is why I do this myself.


Title: Re: How I avoid an un-necessary "astigmatic" prescription.
Post by: OtisBrown on November 26, 2013, 05:35:42 PM
Subject:  I think the astigmatism measurement is not accurate, and is totally not necessary.

Item: Here is how the measurement is made.  If I can "correct" with a spherical lens (at home) to 20/20, then I do not need this "complexity".  I got headaches from wearing an "astigmatic" lens, until I realized that it was totally not necessary.  Here is what the measurement looks like - for the record and your interest.

This is the "Jackson cross cylinder" method - that is a universal standard.  Almost all eyes have 20/20 before this measurement is conducted.  Here is another version of the "cylinder" measurement - for your interest.  These are all SUBJECTIVE measurements, in that you report "better". In all cases the person already has 20/20 with a minus lens.

This is why I use "home testing" with my own minus - to avoid this nonsense.