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Title: When can I "avoid" the minus lens?
Post by: OtisBrown on January 22, 2014, 04:22:41 AM
Dear Prevention-minded friends,

It was Dr. Bates who thought that you could go from 20/100 to 20/20.  His efforts to have "kids" do this had some success.  But there was no discussion of the issue of REQUIRED visual acuity, and when you can legally stop wearing a minus lens.

I greatly admire Dr. Alex for his time and effort to achieve excellent results.  We need more ophthalmologists who will dedicate their lives to that goal.
Title: Re: When can I "avoid" the minus lens?
Post by: OtisBrown on January 22, 2014, 04:29:21 AM
Whether you use the "Bates Exercise Method", or the "Plus-Prevention" method - you are still required to meet and exceed the DMV standard - of reading the 20/40 line on your home Snellen.

These remarks by Dr. Alex address that issue.

It is possible to function with no minus lens - if you read the 20/60 line.  But you can not drive a car with that status.  In effect, if you are at 20/60, you can use a plus (and avoid the minus) until you exceed the 20/40 line.

After that, you will continue to wear the plus, until you begin to see the 20/20 line.  20/20 is VERY SHARP VISION.  So you can "discard" the minus - when you pass the 20/40 line (with discretion of course).

What I do (if necessary) is to just order -1 diopter glasses (for $9) from Zennioptical - and use them for driving - until I substantially exceed the 20/40 line.

This works using either of these two methods.  You just have to be objective about reading your own Snellen at home.

This is what Todd did, and then passed the STATE DMV test. Very little more than that - is required of us.