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Rehabilitation / Re: my journey from( -4.5 ,-4.5)
« Last post by Alex_Myopic on September 20, 2017, 11:31:15 AM »
I tried forbettervision program for about 10 months with 0 results in my diplopia and myopia! In fact I had to work a lot of hours renewing a house and didn't have time for print pushing and eye exercises the last two months and my eyes got a bit worse maybe due to ciliary spasm. I even had some problem reading subtitles I was able to read before. Now using plus lense again while print pushing, doing active focus at far distance at Snellen chart and my astigmatic wheel mode my eyesight is improving again to its former level.
Rehabilitation / Re: Banned from the Gym to 20/20 Vision, Part 1
« Last post by sleepmaster4 on September 20, 2017, 04:24:14 AM »
Banned from the Gym to Twenty Twenty Vision Part 1, Banned from the Gym to 20/20 Vision, Part 1, is now available on Amazon if one searches Amazon with "banned from the gym":

It's basically the story of getting banned from golds gym to 20/20 vision, part 1.  Real eye exam results from an optometrist every month for two years, after getting banned from golds gym and walking to places instead of driving for an alternative form of exercise.

Here is the proof of removal of the drivers license vision restriction:

Edit: Changing the title of the thread from "Getting to zero diopters from the -4s" to " to 20/20 Vision, Part 1"
Rehabilitation / A "FUN TEST" of your visual acuity, with Cell Phone.
« Last post by OtisBrown on September 04, 2017, 06:43:45 AM »
Here is a neat Application.  This test can not be, "cheated".  You will need a friend to "sweep" the Cell Phone, once you get it set up.

It was very easy to down-load.  Getting it to work up, for, "Tumbling Es" was easy.

For long-term use, a fixed Snellen, with each line marked, 20,  40,  60,  100, is the only meaningful test - you  will ever have.

Going from 20/60 to 20/40, is indeed slow.  A person who can not deal with, "slow" - will not be successful.

Your real objective test - is yourself.

For me, well I am wearing a +2.5 diopter as I type this, because I love to pass the 20/25 to 20/15 line, under MY CONTROL.

I know that no OD or MD has any interest - in this type of objective verification.

I congratulate Todd Becker on his success.  We learn to "do things", not because I say or do anything. 

We do prevention, because we believe in ourselves, and in objective science.

Rehabilitation / Re: my journey from( -4.5 ,-4.5)
« Last post by OtisBrown on September 04, 2017, 06:36:45 AM »
Hi - About Kuber.

People rely EXCESSIVELY on an OD "measurement".  That is always a mistake.

It is your own Snellen, that will tell the OBJECTIVE story of your visual future.

Kuber, seems to have passed the 20/40, on a REASONABLE Snellen.

That passes the DMV requirement.

I was at 20/40 (after cataract surgery).  It was then that I "committed" to full time, and long term plus wearing.

After about 9 months (the plus is VERY COMFORTABLE), I began seeing the 20/20 line.

NOTE:  The 20/20 line is never "perfect".  What you see from this long-term plus wearing, is that you get a "range" of values, from 20/25 to 20/15.

What is OBJECTIVE SUCCESS?  By your standard?

It is that I am certain that I will exceed the 20/40 line.  But the final objective verification, is that
I go down to the DMV, and pass THEIR TEST.

Do not worry about, "OD VERIFICATION'.

Worry about getting to 20/40, and doing better than 20/40.

My best support for people with great motivation to wear the plus, at 20/40.

Rehabilitation / Re: Really need a helping hand here.
« Last post by Alex_Myopic on July 30, 2017, 07:12:37 AM »
While doing print pushing when patching for 15'-30' per day, I know that some blur dissolves but the results are not permanent. When watching with both eyes again the brain tries to see from the strongest eye easily and without diplopia. I haven't results in reducing diopter ratio for more than a year. It is a difficult diopter ratio problem combined with diplopia that prevents further improvement with plus lenses.

I've been doing forbestvision program again for about a year with 0 results for my ratio. Dr Davydoff suggested more up and down eye movement for those with astigmatism in the eye stretching exercise but with no result for me.
Rehabilitation / Re: Really need a helping hand here.
« Last post by gekonus on July 29, 2017, 04:13:12 AM »
Does that help you ? I tried it too. Have you managed to reduce diopter ratio yet?
Rehabilitation / Re: Really need a helping hand here.
« Last post by Alex_Myopic on July 29, 2017, 12:52:39 AM »
Jake suggests patching the stronger eye for 15 minutes per day. I have the same problem with visual acuity ratio. I patch a bit longer time.
Rehabilitation / Really need a helping hand here.
« Last post by gekonus on July 27, 2017, 10:11:50 PM »
Todd, I hope you'll see this somehow. Ive been trying almost everything I believe, I watched all of Jake Steiner's videos on active focusing, plus lenses, distance viewing etc etc. The only thing Im getting is these clear flasehs (sometimes of great clarity) which never last and do absolutely nothing to your overall average visual acuity.
Im a really low myope (around -0.75 or less), my left eye centimeter measurements alot lower than the right (80cm for the left and maybe 110 for the right).
Maybe the reason I didnt see results is because its alot harder to do active focus when one eye sees better and does most of the work?
Should I equalize my prescription? For example, just going for walks with a plano diopter lense for my right eye, and a -0.25 for the left?
Another thing I learned is something called "Blur Adaptation" which means, that if your brain is never used to clear image/ you will never improve. Have you heard this term? And maybe instead of going no glasses outside, I should see almost 20/20 ALL THE TIME to get the visual cortex used to the clarity?
My average visual acuity is about 20/40 in good indoor lighting.

And how about sleep? i usually wake up with worse vision than usual for a few minutes, maybe this takes a part aswell?

I know this is rather long, Im sorry, but after seeing almost no results for years, I really might be missing something.

Thanks in advance
Rehabilitation / Re: Irritaded eye only at sleep
« Last post by Alex_Myopic on July 14, 2017, 02:27:34 PM »
Another guy reporting of having permanent better visual acuity after RCE!
" However, there is one possible 'side effect' which I read about and has since happened to me, and that is that my vision is actually slightly BETTER in my previously-affected eye to which I now apply Muro 128 ointment than in my non-affected eye. It is slight, but definitely noticeable. My doctor didn't believe me until he had me read the eye charts from across the room with each eye separately, and I was able to read an entire additional line of letters with my affected eye!"
1)  I always enjoy intelligent conversations.
2)  I never say, "cure", only "avoid".
3)  I am interested in objective science, that shows that "just prevention" is possible at self-measured 20/40.  (Self measured -1 diopter.)

4) To better understand forces "out side" of medicine - I would listen to Jake's commentary about people who love the minus lens - and hate the concept of "prevention" at 20/40.

5)  Is the "Plus Lens" prescribed - for long-term wear - by children.  Here is part of the answer.

(Statement by Ophthalmologist Dr. David Guyton.)

If no one prescribed and wore the "plus", my arguments would be weak.   But in fact the plus is prescribed.  What you conclude - must be a matter of your educated choice.

That is all I ask of a medical person, and all that I ask of myself.  My commentary to Jake and his efforts - eventually for his own child.

Hi Jake - You describe the problem, exactly.  I am an Electrical Engineer - my profession.  In fact, when my parents learned of my interest, they did wonder about why I did not, "conform" to classical medical dogma.  Eventually I found (by personal interview) an OD who told me the bitter truth about this issue.  But I still get the reaction you describe.  It is so bad, that I would almost prefer to NOT USE the word, "myopia", because of that reaction -  you describe so accurately.  As I sat with this insightful OD, I realized that my vision had been destroyed by that first minus lens.  I resolved that I would at least help my own, blood relatives - to never get caught in that minus-lens trap.  While I respect medicine, I also know they do not mean, "harm", but they are arrogant about fundamental science, facts and experimental reality.  That arrogance prohibits a rational discussion -- in an office.  If you even TRY to talk to them,  you get the reaction you described,  "... are you trying to tell me how to practice medicine?  Are you an optometry doctor?"  More power to you Jake!  On a scientific level - you have won!

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