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Rehabilitation / Re: Lack of sunlight causes myopia?
« Last post by Alex_Myopic on May 08, 2019, 01:18:14 AM »
In this video (at the end of it) says about an experiment with lenses in chicks. When a lens depraved the eye from focusing far away the eye became myopic. But with the exact same conditions, when there was sun-like light the degree of myopia was less.

In the above video it is also mentioned about the short distance vision (for example using smart phones as a child) and this causing myopia.

So when seeing far when outdoors (like Jake regularly suggests) we are doing good for our myopia but when there is also sun outdoors the results must be better.

I started sunning again and my vision the following days I do sunning is sharper.,1147.msg8903.html#msg8903
Rehabilitation / Re: Eye Floaters
« Last post by Alex_Myopic on March 27, 2019, 02:56:46 PM »
I have tried a natural antioxidant astaxanthin for my eye floaters. 180 softgel capsules of 12mg. Zero results for me.
Diet / Re: supplements for eye health
« Last post by arydberg on December 29, 2018, 09:25:07 AM »
I have been making my own bread.   I buy wheat berries and grind them into flour.    I mix Einkorn wheat with Hard Red.    It really seems that the Einkorn has had a long slow improvement in my eyesight. 
Rehabilitation / Making your own Test Lens Set for $35.
« Last post by OtisBrown on July 31, 2018, 06:36:31 AM »
Todd - was successful.  Why - because he looked at his own Snellen, and wore a plus.  I see endless over-prescriptions.

I finally "gave up" on any OD actually helping me to go from 20/50 to 20/20,  (refraction -1.0 diopters to +1/2 diopter).
So here are the test lenses that I use to measure my refraction.   
I am at 20/20, not because any OD would help - but because I make my own measurements. 
Remember - by doing this - you become an expert.  This is not medicine - but self-protecting common scientific sense.
I get my lenses from - they are good quality. 
Dear pure-prevention friends,
There are indeed, legal reasons, for the dead silence when you ask any question about "recovery" from 20/50.  Here is a video explaining why they seem so, "dumb" to me about Todd's success.

Todd was successful.  Why?  Because he had the "smarts" to by-pass the crazy self-defense attitude as it exists in medicine.
In fact, at 20/40 (self measured -1 diopter) the problem is coming exclusively from the child's nose-on-page habit.  There is no other reason for that first, "negative state" for our totally normal eyes.

I am typing this, reading an writing though a +2.5 diopter.  This is to protect my confirmed 20/20 vision on my Snellen.
I do not advocate that anyone attempt to do this - unless he can confirm 20/50 on his own Snellen.
But you must understand - why no one medical, will not help you. 
Dear Brave, Intelligent friends,
Todd, is indeed a success - and confirmed by object science.  But - you must set up your own Snellen, and actually look at it - for the long term.  No OD can do this for you.  Here is how I measure my own refraction, as I continue to wear the plus with this type of success.

I think the key, is self-measurements (assuming you are close to 20/40, and self measured -1 diopter).
No OD will ever help you with this.  They think it is all impossible.
Rehabilitation / Re: practice print pushing
« Last post by OtisBrown on June 06, 2018, 12:52:45 PM »
Hi Sleep -
You are totally correct.  It is always good to hear of a person's objective success - and Todd's leadership with that success.
Rehabilitation / Re: practice print pushing
« Last post by sleepmaster4 on May 28, 2018, 03:05:33 AM »
For print pushing, start out with a weak plus lens of +.5 on small enough print if your eyes are in the low -3s or less.

Avoid minus lenses completely.

Rehabilitation / practice print pushing
« Last post by foie on May 22, 2018, 06:08:00 AM »
Hello everybody ! About print pushing, is this more useful to read very smalls  print characters with normal Lens correction or read normals characters  with strong plus Lens glasses  ??  What is the best m├ęthod ? Do you have some news from Kuber ?  Thanks !!!!!!
Rehabilitation / Re: Monocular Double Vision & Astigmatism--Connection?
« Last post by Alex_Myopic on April 24, 2018, 12:06:03 PM »
Hi chris1213,

after about 3 weeks of taking into account in my plus lenses the right/left eyes refractive state ratio, I feel my vision is more stable at far distance and a little sharper. Although I will measure left and right visual acuity in few months and that will be a more objective review.

 I now feel while print pushing that also my weaker eye does active focus and with both open they cooperate better. And not just feel but testing and closing my dominant eye while I'm at the medium blur zone while print pushing. Then I see that my weaker eye is at this zone and not at the blur zone that cannot make out the letters as I was before.

 Even with my weaker eye wearing a lower plus lens, it continues to sees just a little worse than my left stronger and I knew this would happen when doing my Snellen test before buying the lens. If I marked that my difference was 0.75D and not 0.5D that I had many chances to change my dominant eye and messing around. I didn't want that to happen.

 I'm so happy with those first signs of improvement that I'll take the nest step and start wearing myopic glasses again after many months just for a few hours per day while watching the subtitles on the tv at far distance (print pulling I think is named in this forum). So I will buy 0D for my good left and -0.5D for my right eye with diplopia. (Even my good eye has much room for improvement because I only see 20/20 line on a sunny day).

 And yes, taking the "equivalence function" in diopters instead of cylinders with the suggestion that Mr Brown and others gave us is very satisfactory.

 I'm glad you are an active member of this forum chris and I'm willing to report my results and hear from others like you about this very hard problem of dealing with diplopia after years of eye rehab.  I also continue to do my active focus as an exercise with a Snellen chart and my astigmatic wheel exercise mod. I can clear diplopia for a few minutes in the 2nd exercise but the result doesn't lock in.

 Before buying my new lens I did the Snellen chart not at 6m but at 3m in order to be more accurate about the L/R visual acuity ratio, because at 6m my vision fluctuates a bit and I thing at 3m we can be more accurate to a degree of 0.25D difference.

 Small children that deal with amblyopia are made by doctors to patch for some time. So I definitely think that >=0.5diopters or 1 cylinder difference can stop the progress of even the good dominant eye in order not to result in amblyopia.

 One other notice I've made at the astigmatic wheel is that a line that I can see without diplopia with my good eye and see it double with my bad then if I look the same line with both my eyes the brain doesn't just cancel out the diplopia from my bad eye but there is some diplopia also in the fused image.
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