Author Topic: Technique to FORCE a child to wear a minus.  (Read 4481 times)

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Technique to FORCE a child to wear a minus.
« on: June 23, 2013, 08:17:35 AM »
Subject:  I will post some remarks about children in this thread.

I personally accept that my own "bad habits" CREATED negative-status for my natural eyes.

But the problem is the OD or MD who thinks that 1) The minus is the ONLY answer, and 2) We all should wear a minus and 3) A child who refuses to 'wear a strong minus" - is intellectually "sick".

It is far more than 'opinion' that a minus is a terrible problem.  It is proven in pure science - for those who care to "think straight" about science.

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Re: Technique to FORCE a child to wear a minus.
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2013, 08:28:13 AM »
Subject: Doctors who support REJECTING the minus lens (consistent with passing the 20/40 or DMV line)

Reference: It is truly difficult to get a child to 1) Get that nose off the page and 2) Put on that +2.5 reading glass.

Here is proof that doctors do advocated this - as I do.

This is commentary about helping a child with prevention.

From Klump:

Hi Alex,
We are working through the lessons with our seven year old daughter.
Currently taking centimeter measurements AM and PM for 3 days. We are seeing
-2.25 for both eyes consistently.

It is helpful to read the adult web program along with the child program. Thank
you for making that available.

What plus lenses would you recommend for her? She has never worn + or – glasses.
I noticed a post where someone with -2.25 purchased +1 lenses with a good

So thankful to come across your program because 6 months of Bates yielded
little, though we did make adjustments to her near work (loves to read) and she
didn't get any worse in that time.


From Alex Frauenfeld:

If only we could rid the world of Bates methods literature … :)

You must have been quite persistent, getting her to do those exercises for six

The best option, if available, would be to visit a convenience store that sells
reading glasses, and testing varying prescriptions to suit her distance. If not,
an inexpensive pair of +0.50 and one with +1.00 (if you buy them online).

There is no need to be aggressive about this process, at all. It is small but
persistent strain that caused the myopia. As long as we eliminate that strain
(better close-up distance practices, less close-up time), it is just a small bit
of positive stimulus necessary, to get improvement.

The important thing is to have patience, and participate, helping her find
active focus. Past that, especially if she enjoys the process (and improving
eyesight), things will progress quickly

Dr. Alex


As always, the difficult part is the get the parents to get the child to wear
the plus for all close work. I sympathize all people who object to the plus.

But equally, there is little choice (in true prevention) except to wear it.


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Re: Technique to FORCE a child to wear a minus.
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2013, 09:58:49 AM »
Subject: I got this statement from Peter.  I keep an open mind - and hope we all can do that.

When anyone seeks to "choke off" a discussion - it does damage science - in so many ways.


Subject: As Dr. Bates presents the concept - we would avoid wearing the minus lens - consistent with passing the required DMV (20/40 line) on our own Snellen.

I am in total disagreement with this statement:


Often children do not like wearing their eyeglasses although the prescription is correct. Distraction, positive reinforcement, and incentives can help children develop the habit of wearing their glasses.

If all else fails, your ophthalmologist can prescribe an eyedrop that blurs vision when the glasses are not in place. This often helps overcomes the child's initial resistance to wearing glasses.

Source statement:


I know how hard it is to use true preventive measures, i.e., Bates, and the plus.  But we should never forget that the effect (of a minus lens) is proven in "pure science" - as shown here.

This suggests (at least as the second-opinion) that it would be wise to avoid wearing minus - and consider it a "necessary evil".

I always abide by the law - that requires that I read and exceed the 20/40 line.  If I did not, I would get a minus lens to pass that line - but I would use it only for driving a car - as required.

I believe that a person should be informed of the proven effect of a minus lens on the natural eye - and with great insight - avoid wearing it, except for the conditions I stated.

Be wise, be informed, be objective, and be careful.

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Re: Technique to FORCE a child to wear a minus.
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2013, 10:14:20 AM »
Subject: Why a child must 1) Avoid the minus (meaning pass the 20/40 line at home) and 2) Needs CONTINUED support to do exactly that.

I know we will get endless "debate" about this subject of protecting our child's distant vision - but at least this is a START.

Yes, very few have the wisdom to ask WHY it is necessary.  But I think the intelligent parent can "figure it out".

This is indeed probably the ONLY solution, and must be started before the child's Snellen goes below 20/70 (or about -1.5 diopters).  Only PERSONAL education and resolve will  solve this problem.