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Eye Floaters

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"It is not, however, only elderly people who are troubled by floaters; they can also become a problem to younger people, especially if they are myopic"


I've developed them not after the months or year of becoming -1D but after minus lenses and contact lenses with frequent inflammations at 16.

Streptococcus produces hyaluronidase which destroys  hyaluronic acid. The vitreous body is composed mainly by hyaluronic acid and the water that it holds. It is said that if someone when he/she was a kid had frequent tonsillitis (from streptococcus) or scarlet fever then when he grows up he may suffer from pain in joints (knee especially) or heart problems (in the valves) because of the above fact.

I had my tonsils removed because of frequent amygdalitis at 6 and at 17 I developed eye floaters and knee pain at 28. Has anyone else confirmed the same stories?

Echinacea can inhibit hyaluronidase.

Antioxidants may help prevent new ones from forming. Grape seeds mentioned above have strong antioxidants.

I'll test some remedies about eye floaters. Earthclinic is a great site:


I have tried a natural antioxidant astaxanthin for my eye floaters. 180 softgel capsules of 12mg. Zero results for me.


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