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I have heard from some sellers that having hyaluronic acid (a major component in vitreous body) as a dietary supplement may help some people clear eye floaters but I don't know how truth this is.

Here are some notes I have taken about eye floaters by reading the whole book "the myopia manual"

-Avoid or protect against sunlight or sunlamps (me personally I believe that sun can not benefit and harm at very few extreme occasions)
-Avoid excessive supplementation of vitamin C
-Avoid excessive, unbalancing supplementation of zinc or copper
-Avoid excessive intake of food rich in phosphorus (Colas have phosphoric acid)
-Iodine does good for the synthesis of the vitreous body
-Vitamin C, smoking and heat can degenerate hyaluronic acid (in the vitreous body)
-Mg, Zn and Cu are very useful metals for the synthesis of hyaluronic acid (cocoa and chocolate has all of this minerals in large amounts http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/sweets/5471/2)

are people with higher myopia more likely to develop floaters? I had a very annoying floater a few years ago, but for some reason it disappeared. I rarely ever notice floaters now and i certainly do not want more of these things in my eye.

Yes, especially with high myopia the eyeball elongates so there are more chances of vitreous body detachment or biochemical anomalies.

thanks alex,

another reason for me to avoid the minus.


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