Author Topic: Understanding objective visual (DMV) requirements.  (Read 886 times)

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Understanding objective visual (DMV) requirements.
« on: July 30, 2014, 08:23:42 AM »

Subject:  Most ODs simply prescribe for extreme sharpness of vision.  This almost always means that a person with self-checked 20/20, will get a -3/4 diopter lens.

Item: I AGREE that we must have OBJECTIVE requirements that we MUST PASS.  But that requirement is 20/40, not 20/15.  This is why personal competence and self-checking are so important.  I have yet to have an OD say, "... I am giving you a strong minus - because it will impress you.  Be very careful, and keep it off your face, unless necessary..."

Since they do not warn me, I must take a greater deal of responsibility to self-check and obtain my own minus from Zennioptica for $9, if necessary.  For the record, here are all the State requirements - for your interest.

For those interested in improving their own Snellen (visual acuity), I suggest honoring these requirements, by checking yourself.

Obviously, if at 20/50, you will have to get a minus to drive a car.  If reading the 20/25 line, you can avoid getting a minus lens.  Use your own common-sense on this subject.  Be wise, and be safe.

With 20/40 vision, you can avoid the minus almost all the time.

It is my belief, that if a very motivated person (with 20/40) actually took plus-prevention seriously, he could eventually get to the 20/25 to 20/20 range.  But only the person himself will verify that result.