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Bates bashing
« on: August 28, 2014, 08:59:55 AM »
I think the Bates method has been given too much of a bad rap. Not on this forum, mind you. I used to be the same way until I realized how much wisdom I have actually gotten from reading his books and articles, a lot of which I apply to my current process of reversing myopia and maintaining of good vision habits (concepts such as central fixation, memory as an aid to vision, shifting, just to name a few).

While I don't advocate looking at the sun or stuff like that, a lot of the other things he wrote about make sense. The thing is that his method worked mostly for people with psuedomyopia (or temporary myopia, maybe I have the wrong term), of which the cure is basically that you rest your eyes - and his method put heavy emphasis on relaxation. I believe psuedomyopia was more prevalent bacx in Bates' time which is why his method worked so well back then - however, nowadays most of us suffer from axial myopia or permanent myopia in which the eye is elongated from too much close work.

Relaxation would not do much for us, however , Bates did always advocate the use of a Snellen chart and practicing with it. You see, when he spoke, for example, of looking at a chart and imagining a certain letter clear and sharp, he was basically in a way giving you one method of bringing that letter into focus - imagining that letter clear and sharp in your mind's eye which will help bring the actual letter you're looking at with your actual eyes into focus.  I do this all the time and it works wonders. He was basically telling you to focus on blurry object and concentrate on clearing the blur - which improves your ability to focus on distant objects, which is what we're all working towards.

Also the reading of fine print - it's basically a precursor of what we do today, which is working with blurry text and bringing it into focus (print pulling/pushing).

I believe too many people today are taking the Bates Method and are basically repackaging it to make a buck. I think there should be some kind of revised Bates method for the 21st century in which all that really needs to be done is to point out that certain exercises will help cure psuedomyopia (which is basically all exercises, not just the relaxation exercises such as palming and swinging but also Snellen chart practice and reading of fine print help cure psuedomyopia as well) and point out the exercises to help cure specifically axial myopia - working with the Sbellen, reading fine print or print pushing/pulling, and paying attention to central fixation (which is really just a habit in which you are making sure that you don't try to see everything clear at once but that you focus more on a single object at any time while subtly paying attention to the rest of your field of vision - it's NOT tunnel vision). Basically what I'm saying is that there is a lot of good stuff that Bates talked about and someone needs to take his writings, rearrange it and update it for the modern day myopic. I might totally do that the next time I have a few weeks off haha. It could be named "Perfect Sight Without Glasses: The Ultimate and Definitive Edition for the 21st Century Myopic" or something. Put it up free of charge and avoid disappointed readers of the original book or repackaged books that copied the original method.

Maybe such a book already exists and I don't know about it?
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