Author Topic: Optometry blindness - towards plus prevention.  (Read 1112 times)

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Optometry blindness - towards plus prevention.
« on: April 04, 2015, 12:41:19 PM »
Subject:  Why do people say that prevention is totally IMPOSSIBLE, when you can still read the 20/40 line (i.e., refractive STATE = -1.0 diopters)?

Here is how to end pseudo-myopia.

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Re: Optometry blindness - towards plus prevention.
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My goal, is to always read and pass (at least) the 20/30 line, so I will never be REQUIRED to wear a minus lens for distance.

I like Jake Steiner. He is very sincere, as I am.  I would read his "tabs" for self-education.  But I always ask, "... what are you doing
with and for, your own children.  That is indeed the "bell weather" of a person's thinking and goal in life.

Read: "This is Myopia". There statement, "no one knows".  That is the most accurate statement I ever heard an OD make.   They do not know,
then then can no help me.  My knowledge must be better than that.

So what is destroying your distant vision - anyway? Do you have any interest - or ANY responsibility.  At least Jake "opens the discussion".

If an OD advertises prevention, and shows a picture of himself still wearing a minus lens,  I truly have to wonder about his "success rate".

I would like to hear him make the statement, that, "I am now reading the 20/25 to 20/20 line, after doing "my preventive process" on myself.

Why would I go to an OD, who does not have that goal for me?  Or could not get himself back to naked eye 20/20 vision?  I should
know this, BEFORE I spend a lot of money with him.  If his goal is not my goal, I must know this in advance.  See:

I know each of us has his own interests and "agenda".

I have met ODs, who forced their own children to wear "just a plus", even at 20/20, to PREVENT their child from entering into nearsightedness.

But I think the OD needs to explain this goal to you.  I would PAY for that expected result.

But you have to look at yourself - and decide what is important in your life.

I just look for an OD, who states that he "gets after" his own children, to wear the plus for all close work, for the
purpose of "just prevention".

But until that day comes - you will simply have to have the wisdom to do "plus prevention" yourself.

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