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Subject:  The ODs always talk about "myopia", ALWAYS after the fact.  Here is a video of this terrible problem. They only talk about "...slowing it down".  That is not the idea. The purpose of doing it yourself (assuming 20/50) it to have the intelligence and fortitude to do prevention YOURSELF, and get out of it.

A number of you have "faulted" me for insisting that true-prevention must start before the wise, educated person goes below 20/50 to 20/60. It is my purpose to have you avoid this optometry blindness.  But it puts ALL responsibility on you, personally.  Prevention is indeed an intrusion in your life - that you may not want.

I also believe (from massive research) that the early stage of "negative status" is NOT an eye that has failed, or is diseased - in even the remotest sense of the word. But I do agree that if you think that negative status of the natural eye of -1 diopter, is a disease, requiring medical treatment, you will never avoid developing even more "negative status".

I advocate that a person be smart enough to make his own measurements, both Snellen (I hope 20/40 for you), and also, make refractive measurements yourself.  You can get the four lenses from Zennioptical for about $14.

I never go to an OD (when I am forced to), unless I know my visual acuity, and refraction - exactly.  That way, I am not "scared" if they attempt to prescribe something for me.  The are sincere, but they just do not know about the need for personal prevention.  To them, you are always a "patient", who can not possibly, learn the technique of checking your Snellen and refraction.

I do not want to be insulting here - but when I suggest prevention, I always "crash" into these ODs who think that threshold-prevention is totally out of the question.

I wish to preserve my distant vision myself - because they can not help me.
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