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Message from an Ophthalmologist
« on: September 21, 2014, 05:12:00 AM »
Subject:  Even medical doctors, while forced to use a minus lens, (because the public is ignorant and hostile to plus-prevention) recognize that plus-prevention is the only answer.

Item: Understanding all of the above, my question (for these new-wave medical people) was this.  "...How do you help your own children with plus prevention?  I understand this type of  question and answer if pure-personal, and I never expect anyone medical to help the general public.

It is one thing for the recommendation to be made (while you can still read the 20/50 line, and their is hope), and another thing for the person to take prevention advocacy seriously.

I am afraid that most of optometry is simply self-serving bull s**t.


The "world of medicine" has invented quite a few "false words".  They
deceive, and make you believe that avoiding "negative status" for the
natural eye - it totally impossible.

Kaisu recognnized the fraud that it going on here. But if you are "medical"
it is very hard to fight against what you were taught.

Further, most people have no understanding or motivation for prevention.

Everyone is trying to do, "... the right thing".  But it is all screwed up.

Here is some more commentary.


By Dr. Kaisu Viikari

EMAIL from Dr. Kaisu Viikari, MD, PhD Opthlamology in Finland:
When you live a long life as I have, keeping your faculties intact, and all
these years coincide with a period in which humankind is faced with an
exceptionally dramatic transformation (new digital phones with tiny text), a
single doctor may get the privilege of observing the great patterns of

I cannot help feeling that this is what happened to me when I decided to
become an ophthalmologist. In a relatively early stage of my career I
realized that the key role played by accommodation strain was not understood
adequately at all, probably due to the built-in accommodation reserve in our
eyes during the first several decades of life.

This was the starting point of my various battles with the optical
profession. In my early career, I had already pointed out in several
articles how great an impediment to treatment it was to strive for perfect
vision and, above all, indulge the patient's quite human need to focus and,
at rather short intervals, control how the "treatment" was progressing. This
action, on the contrary, is apt to tighten the accommodation as a result of
aiming for sharpness of vision, i.e. focusing. During my decades of work, I
had installed in my doctor's office extra facilities especially for
investigating of accomodation strain and to test for its having been
released. All this is described in detail in my large volume, Panacea -
Ocular Accommodation Strain.

Over the years I further started making the point that there will never be
another Kaisu Viikari, as I realized that in today's conditions it is
impossible for a single ophthalmologist during his or her career to
accumulate all the experience that I have benefited from:

1) The number of glasses prescribed, and more specifically incorrectly
prescribed by previous doctors, which prescriptions I had to correct.

2) The large number of instructive migraine patients with a great variety of
symptoms that came to me for treatment (over 2,000) and found relief by a
change of eyeglass prescription.

3 The number of years during which I monitored the improvement of my
patients, and their letters, both before and after their symptoms had been
relieved, etc.

And now, after all these years, I have to repeat the same observations, made
multiple times more obvious and predicting the destruction of humankind!
After observing this development of the world for almost half a century:
The same requirements to relax the accommodation muscles are still valid,
and no significant progress has been made.
It should all start from the parents of children understanding this
physiological event, which is simplicity in itself.

Parents should make sure that the child wears plus glasses (aka reading
glasses) regularly, already from the age of 2 or 3, and stronger ones as he
or she gets older - even if the child could manage without the glasses for
several decades to come.

This would secure the future of the younger generation.

Once children grow up, they should be persuaded to personally understand the
necessity of wearing glasses.

All it takes for the treatment to be successful is to get on with your life,
wearing of plus eyeglasses, as the aforementioned digital cellphone
revolution has irrevocably brought about an immense increase in the need for
demanding close work, which without plus eyeglasses will intensify
accommodation strain after childhood, childhood having ample built-in
accommodation reserve.

This will cause widespread and eyesight threatening
eye diseases such as macular degeneration, retinal detachment, etal, plus
ancillary side-affects such as intense and intractable migraine headaches.

There is hope, however, if the situation is handled correctly from the
beginning everything becomes possible with plus glasses, without any
supporting action.

We could do even less and still manage reasonably well, however not always
overcoming damage already done, but the ideal for preserving our vision is
as I described above. Even in retirement age and later years of your life,
it is always possible to take steps to improve the situation.

I do not know of any other person with my experience who could talk about
this subject and provide advice - in the entire world!

Cutting back on mismatched glasses and cylinders with their confusion of
axes alone will mean a revolution that we are currently unable to fathom in
the entire spectacles industry, to say nothing about an immense reduction in
the number of minus (nearsighted) eyeglasses.

The cylinder values on eyeglass prescription are, more than anything,
corrections for distortions coming from the accommodation strain produced by
close work without plus lens! Plus lenses that are the cheapest and most
available kind or eyesight possible, available from most pharmacies,
drugstores, supermarkets, etc all over the world. These can be bought up to
+4.0 usually, but during advanced age, a person may need stronger lenses,
and that would require ordering over the Internet.

It is impossible to even begin to predict how long it will take before
humankind at large and, above all, the professional body of eyedoctors, give
up their resistance. Perhaps we are once again talking about centuries,
knowing how long the era of darkness behind us was!

What does all this mean?

This will be a revolution against all practitioners of eyeglass optics. It
will sweep away all the subtleties of centuries, which are not only
unproductive but actually injurious. The easy availability of eyeglasses
custom-made from the Internet will help foster this revolution, which may
have already started.

When the smoke of this revolution clears, there will still be people
having actually problematic, exceptional or anomalous defects in their
vision system, e.g. congenital myopia due to elongated eyeball will need
minus lens correction. But such people will account for about
three-thousandth of the current number of cases.
They will need special ophthalmological care.

My guess is that the number of such patients remaining will certainly not
support the large optical industry operating today. That industry is in
position that buggy-whip manufacturers were in the early 20th Century, and
it can be put out of business by the very horses that they are whipping into
blindness, who will revolt against their mistreatment!

But where in today's society you could find people who could manage
their work whithot straining  to focus, as this is the very thing that
makes impossible to relax

Society itself demands detailed information about our vision for many
tasks and professions!

Subject:  Is it public-ignorance that "kills" proper, intelligent use of the plus - while you still can read the 20/50 line, and self-measure -1.25 diopters?

Item:  It is often, "thrown in my face" that no ophthalmologist understands and supports YOUR wise use of a plus, for the purpose of prevention.  The reality is that a few insightful ODs and MDs, have insisted (forced) their children to begin wearing a plus - as SOON AS THEIR CHILD STARTS THIS 'NOSE ON BOOK" HABIT - that always creates negative status for their child.  Always !!

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