Author Topic: Here is a difficult question  (Read 847 times)

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Here is a difficult question
« on: October 02, 2014, 10:21:16 PM »
Hi :) Here's an interesting question.

My father is 52, he has multifocal glasses , which means he sees different in every distance. for example, a +1.5D for far, +2.75D for close, etc. Basically his eyes are very bad on all distances.
How can he improve his vision using print pushing?

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Re: Here is a difficult question
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2014, 08:06:09 AM »
He needs hyperopic defocus. So when reading books his close prescription should be about -2D lesser, read at the edge of blur (starting) at far and then when improving reading closer and then more diopters lower or minus. A +3/4 positive refractive state is good for night vision.

Accommodation rock might be helpful in order to make his inner lens more elastic for close reading.