Author Topic: Why office refractions miss the point and are not accurate.  (Read 820 times)

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Why office refractions miss the point and are not accurate.
« on: September 26, 2014, 08:11:28 PM »
Subject:  Here is the refraction of a woman that seems all devoted, intense and accurate.

Item: But it fails in on one crucial point.  The woman NEVER checked her own Snellen (and at home).

The refraction given is -1.75 cyl +1, which is -1.25 spherical equivalent.  There are many people, with this prescription, who, if they were motivated to check at home, would find they could read the 20/40 to 20/30 line.  But the "patient" will never know this.  The other aspect is that the doctor will always PRESCRIBE for 20/15 and 20/13, if he can squeeze it out of his Phoropter.  (I understand his motivation, but the minus lens makes matters worse.)

[ See my next video post for a more detailed discussion of how the complex phoropter (trial lens) is -- and is always error-prone.  ]

I do not "fight" this OD, or the patient.  But, if a person truly wants to get back to reasonable vision (20/30 to 20/20 range), he will have to make these critical measurements himself - at home.

There is an intellectual blindness in optometry - they think this type of "prescription for 20/15" is perfect and causes no harm.  The reality is that it does not help, and in fact prevents recovery.  This is why I do these checks myself - and recommend them.

I never go for any exam, until I personally confirm my Snellen first.  That way, I know objectively, and do not argue with them.
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Re: Why office refractions miss the point and are not accurate.
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Prescription MYOPIA - where the OD is MYOPIC in his understanding.

Here are some more details.  (This is why I ask a person, with a -1 diopter prescription, to have the common sense to set up and read his own Snellen.  The "astig" (Cyl.) is always excessive.

The "outside" ring or dial, has the "spherical" lens.  The rest of the Phoropter, is for "astigmatic", evaluations - which, are not necessary, if your own -1 diopter clears the 20/20 line for you.  (Assuming you have about 20/50).

All your answers, "one better, two better" leads to the OD saying I am fixing your "astigmatism".  You will find endless over-prescription, bad prescriptions, un-necessary prescriptions from this distorting process.  The OD considers it a "perfect process".  The patient, has NO IDEA what is being done to his eyes.

For comparison, here is how I do it - having the independent mind to do this myself.

So prevention requires a bold, intelligent approach - by making your own measurements.  It will always be a challenge.  Do you have the motivation for it?

If I need a temporary, "prescription", say of -1 diopter, I can order that myself - and I would if needed.  This is my statement of total independence of ODs. The measurements I make are NOT MEDICAL.

The OD is not going to "stop" his refraction, and tell you that wearing a  minus lens, (at 20/40) can only make matters far worse.  He figures you are not smart enough to figure that out your self.

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