Author Topic: Why prevention, after Lasik, is necessary and wise.  (Read 1503 times)

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Why prevention, after Lasik, is necessary and wise.
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Dear Friends,

If you are on the threshold (20/40 and -1 diopter) entering college, your eye will go down by -1/2 diopter per year.  You do not believe me?

If you got Lasik, (which costs $4,000) would that fix your vision, so you would not need it again.

Sadly you would have to do it again.  They will tell you, sorry, no one knows how to PREVENT IT, at 20/40.

Here is the sorry answer.


From Dr. Alex:

Greetings, I am 30. I had LASIK operation at 19yo, my eyes were about left:4, right 4.5 myopia.

At my age 24 I experienced myopia again , I am wearing glasses now [Left:-2.75, right -3.25, astigmatism is 1.25 on left, 1.50 on right]

I read the contents of this site and I want to seriously try this program [ Already began practicing focusing].

I have close-up lifestyle so I am pretty sure this is the main cause together with glasses.

Can my eyes be cured?




Prevention with a plus is NOT A CURE.  It is avoiding.  Those who hate the idea of wearing a plus (while they still reading the 20/40 line) are kidding themselves if they choose to NOT wear the plus for near, and NOT check their own Snellen.

Plus prevention is indeed an intrusion in your life.  Hate the idea?  Then you should understand for certain what will happen to your long-term vision if you choose to not take prevention seriously at 20/40, and -1 diopter, when you enter a four year college.

It is all up to you.
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Re: Why prevention, after Lasik, is necessary and wise.
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SUBJECT: Why getting back to 20/30 to 20/20 with the plus is wise.

Item: Then you will never be "sold" on Lasik.

Here are the remarks by a Joey, and Todd's response.

I understand that if you get "too deep" (greater than -3 diopters) that there might be no choice, but some operations.  I would never get Lasik, for the reasons stated by Todd.

More to the point, is what will happen AFTER Lasik, and you go back to "working close".  You get a SECOND case of myopia.

I kid you not.



I came across this page and just started using active focusing in my daily routine about a week ago. I am 22 years old and my prescription is at about minus 6 in both eyes. The reason why I want to change my vision is because I went to a retinal specialist a few weeks ago and he told me that he wants me to do this laser treatment to prevent retinal detachment. I have notice this floater in my eye as well and I’m just afraid of losing my vision one day. I currently work a lot in front of a computer screen so I bought some glasses at zenni optical and set the prescription at minus 4.25. Besides doing active focusing, what other exercises can I do to help? Should I be wearing the minus 4.25 prescription or should I get another glasses lens for when I am not doing close work? The retinal specialist says he wants to do a laser treatment on my right eye and monitor my left eye. My goal is to do this laser procedure in my right eye and never have to do another one again. If I continue doing active focusing exercises daily, do you think I could get rid of my eye floaters and reduce my chances of having to have another laser procedure done? My goal is to reach 20/20 one day, but I’m still very skeptical. Thanks!


By Todd:

Why do you want to do Lasik, other than to enrich your ophthalmologist? You’ll be told that the risks are minimal, but get the facts before irreversibly carving up your cornea. Many experience significant degradation in night vision, halos, optical aberrations, and worse:

If you are skeptical about the benefits of plus lens therapy and print pushing, read through the comments of many on the Discussion Forum here who have had success in reducing their myopia by this process. Some have reduced their myopia by 3 diopters or more. You can also read these two posts

You owe it to yourself to make an effort for a few months to see if you can reduce your myopia. If you fail, you can always have the laser surgery.


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Re: Why prevention, after Lasik, is necessary and wise.
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We should not confuse laser for retinal detachment prevention or therapy, which produces a small injury in the retina in order to reconnect and stabilaze and is good, with LASIK which is prohibited to people with eye floaters.
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