Author Topic: Why and How Doctors Tell the Truth about Plus-Prevention (at 20/40)  (Read 643 times)

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Subject: There are doctors who have figured out that you must take personal responsibility.

There are no "quick fixes".  There is no "magic cure".  But, to their credit, some doctors have advocated limited-prevention with the plus.

Here are the stated difficulties about plus prevention.

I was very pleased to hear this statement.  I wear the plus for near, even though I can read a type this at 22 inches.  But I greatly value my distant vision, so the trade-off, is that I know that no OD in his office can help me.

But we are all very happy that Todd took plus-prevention, when success was possible.  If you read Dr. Prentice's remarks, perhaps you will understand why you must be both very wise, and VERY motivated to exceed the 20/40 line - yourself.

Dr. Prentice suggested six to nine months - before you see any results.  I agree with him.  Be wise!