Author Topic: An Optometrist Argues that Prevention is Impossible.  (Read 1659 times)

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An Optometrist Argues that Prevention is Impossible.
« on: October 27, 2014, 05:36:06 AM »
Otis> I am personal friends with both optometrists and ophthalmologists.  But,

1)  I do not argue with them.

2)  I agree that if you wish prevention (at 20/40 and -1 diopter) you will have to do that -- yourself.

I believe in a fair presentation of concepts, ideas and ideals.  This is the argument by an optometrist who insists that prevention will always be impossible.  (I ALMOST agree with him.  But I agree - I will never argue with him about an un-desired refractive state of the natural eye.)


Otis> By Optometrist Vik Kumar, describing his reaction to Sonia, who suggested that that exercise could be effective, in the sense of prevention. 
Vik>  WOW! Is this a joke!? I'm an optometrist of 8 years.  I'm sorry lady but if you are -4.5 you can do eye exercises until you are blue in the face and it won't make a difference!  You have a prescription because your eye is too long.   You can not change the shape of your eye with eye exercising.  The reason your prescription has gotten less over the last few years is because you are in your 40's and what happens is the muscles that hold your lens start to weaken. 

Vik> As those muscles weaken your lens starts to flatten in shape and this creates more plus power in your prescription thus decreasing your myopic prescription.  It happens all the time!!  In contrast if you were hyperopic (had a plus prescription)  your number would become higher due to this phenomenon (as the lens flattening adds plus power to your prescription).  I think I saw someone comment below of his -7.00 becoming a -6.00 in his 40's  same phenomenon…..happens all the time!!!

Vik> As for your eyes getting worse because you wore glasses…  well you also grew taller as you got older did you not?  Your myopic prescription started at -0.50 or whatever you stated.  As you grew the eyeball elongated as well.  This caused your prescription to increase NOT wearing glasses.  I actually don't' know why Im bothering with this but wow some of you people are asking her for advice?  Please ask for your optometrist's opinion on these things.  Not youtube. LOL I'm actually shocked at this.  These generalizations are asinine.  The myths I have to shoot down all day because of this type of nonsense is annoying.  Lets go over some more

Vik> "If you don't wear glasses your eyes will get worse"

Vik> Well which one is it people?  If you do wear them or if you don't' wear them? …. truth is it makes no difference.  glasses are not treatment.  They just help people with irregularly shaped eyes see.

Vik> "carrots make your eyes better".  Yes they can help prevent disease as you age.  They absolutely do not affect your prescription as that is due to the shape of your eye.  I also heard the word "cure" thrown in.  Cure for what?  The shape of your eye?  Your eye is in perfect health you just have an elongated eye so you need glasses (no "cure" needed)

Vik> "video games, computer, reading makes the eyes worse".  This is up for debate.  Personally, I think it can cause a prescription to change slightly by a few points but if you are -3.00 or -5.00 its genetic.  100% of kids are on the computer yet only 20% need glasses…..sorry but you are not accounting for the other 80% that do not need glasses. 

Vik>  Hope that helps.  My best advice to anyone would be to see their optometrist for any questions.
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Re: An Optometrist Argues that Prevention is Impossible.
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2014, 04:14:51 PM »
Subject:  Why do your eyes "go down" from 1) Long-term near environment, and then 2) More rapidly from wearing a strong, over-prescribed minus lens - 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, like FOREVER.

Item: Why do ODs choose to believe (see OD Vik) that threshold prevention with a plus - it totally impossible.

Here is a question by a person at -3 diopters.  It is always my opinion, that if a person is wise, and REJECTS the a -1 diopter (20/50) he could slowly get out of it.  This is they reason why I do not bother to "consult" with an OD, and instead do prevention myself with a plus.

OD are IMPOSSIBLE.  Here is the discussion.


Hey Dr. Alex,

I know that the stress of wearing a too-strong prescription and/or wearing a full strength prescription for close-up makes your vision become more myopic. I’ve also seen it said that just not wearing your glasses (for a myope) causes stress and doesn’t improve your vision (Bates method type stuff). There’s also a few studies that indicate myopia and hyperopia can be induced with strong minus or plus lenses (,_Hyperopia,_and_Astigmatism_in.7.aspx).

I find myself wondering why stress on your eyes can make you myopic, but not hyperopic. Progressive improvements through active focus make complete sense to me, but also stressing your eye in the hyperopic direction (a myope of -3D not wearing glasses or even wearing a plus lens) seems like it would also make sense since a strong negative lens can make you myopic, even if it wasn’t the healthiest thing to do.

Just wondering why that is and what your thoughts on this are.



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Re: An Optometrist Argues that Prevention is Impossible.
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2014, 04:21:43 PM »
Dr. Alex is a good man - trying to do the best he can.  For me, it makes a great deal of sense to START prevention while I can still read the 20/40 line, or perhaps, "down to" 20/50 to 20/60.  But this is a good answer.


By Dr. Alex:

Any departure from emmetropia can be induced, whether myopic or hyperopic. If you start from zero you could introduce hyperopia with plus.

Of course this won’t happen spontaneously from a -3 state however, since the eye would first have to move past all three of those minus diopters of focal plane error, and then further in the opposite direction.

It’s not a realistic concern for most myopes. Likewise, wearing a plus when a -3 is still necessary for clear vision will cause a person to not see close-up at all, except from a very, very close distance. That type of prescription use isn’t likely to happen.

Presbyopia on the other hand can happen to myopes, though that is a bit of another subject.


I dispute the word, "hyperopia" ( a positive refractive state -  of all natural eyes with excellent vision).

This is a tragic, misunderstanding. 

For VERY SHARP 20/20, your refractive STATE must be slightly positive - as measured, by you, using a Snellen and a +1/2 diopter lens.

But, in basic science, you can make all "emmetropic" eyes (refractive state of EXACTLY ZERO) myopic, by forced wearing of a minus lens.

Thus, for all practical purposes, the minus is the world's worst solution.

That is why I will not wear it - consistent with *me* reading the 20/40 line - or better. No OD has ANY interest in *me* protecting my distant vision for life.

Dr. Alex is indeed going in the right direction with is site.  But the time to start prevention, is before you start wearing the minus lens - if you can do that.

So my question is this: Is prevention (at 20/40) possible, or impossible?  If you believe Vik, then forget it. Or do not go to him for any checks. Do it yourself.

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