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Subject: I know of optometrists who recognized that they had to help their own children (at 20/40, and -1 diopter), for FREE.

Item: Let me be clear.  I check both my Snellen (20/20) and refractive STATE myself.  That costs me nothing, other than the intelligence and motivation to do it myself.

Item: If I have a problem that requires "medical attention" (I discover by my own checking), I take that problem to an ophthalmologist. But by my own checking, I can truly separate refractive STATE issues, from pure medical issues.

I offered this approach to my blood-relatives.  I do not judge them, nor their motivation. They all took it seriously - and all pass the required DMV test.

Here is a discussion of this issue of "do it yourself" (before it gets out-of-hand), versus, wearing a strong minus lens all the time - when you can still read the 20/50 line.

I know we truly try to help each other - and I like that idea.

But in the final analysis, the only person who can accomplish successful prevention, is the person who learns how to measure his refractive status himself.  I do not exclude Bates methods - far from it.  But I do think that even Bates' advocates should teach themselves how to make the basic measurements - to empower their own objective success.