Author Topic: It the minus lens (however impressive) a scam?  (Read 731 times)

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It the minus lens (however impressive) a scam?
« on: November 11, 2014, 12:33:01 PM »
Subject: Is the minus lens a scam?

Item: Is failure to provide information about its adverse effects, a scam?

While not exactly a scam, it is necessary to understand that the concept of prevention will conflict with "standard practice" in medicine.

Therefore I ask you to review this discussion.

I believe that prevention is possible, up to and including 20/40. 

But if you refuse to wear the plus then -- I think the "cause" of true prevention is lost.

This video underscores the problem.  Prevention is not an "attack" on anyone sitting in an office with a minus "at the ready".

It is more an educated choice - that must be taken seriously - before it is too late.

I personally make no claims of results - because I know that few people have enough gumption to take prevent seriously, while they still retain 20/40 vision (self-checked) and are entering a four year college.

No one (in medicine) wants to talk about the "hard feelings" that are generated about the concept of plus prevention, but it is wise to understand why they exist.

Who is being scammed? 

Remember, I have NO ARGUMENT, that the minus lens is an IMPRESSIVE DEFAULT, and that, the plus is "hard work" and can never be prescribed. 

It is up to you to know that - and choose what you want to do about it.

Being honest with the facts of science, and truthful about the effect of a minus, is never a scam.
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