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Failure - My Opinion.
« on: December 08, 2015, 04:26:42 AM »
Dear Prevention friends,

Is it possible to "work" your way out of nearsightedness?  I think most people have no interest, when their optometrist
states, "it can not be done", or "no one ever got to 20/40, from -1 to -2 diopters.

Here are the remarks of a man who worked his way out of -4 diopters - just for the record.

Personally, I would not go by, "low myopia".  I would suggest going by the idea of objectively passing the 20/40 line - and
then continue with the plus lens, almost as a "permanent" situation.

That is the real issue - and there is very solid support for doing that.  But few people will accept passing the 20/40 line,
and a "marker" for future success.  Worse, very few people want to understand that long-term plus wear is required,
to make certain you always do-better than 20/40, always by self-checking.

Jake has this accurately:

"For one, you really need the plus lens for close-up here.  No two ways about it.  You also want to be fully equalized, have sorted out latent astigmatism, and always remember to not lean in, to blink clear any blur.  Habits, habits, habits.  And you need the -1.00 glasses, at least part of the time.  You want to be used to clear vision outside, so that you have the right mindset (visual cortex expecting clarity).  You need to train yourself to catch and read road signs (reading is so very key).  Stop for a second, clear up a blurry sign."

Otis>  This is why passing the 20/40 line (at home) is so critical.  There are times when I think my vision is "bad" in some way.  I simply go home and "callibrate" my vision by verifying I read the 20/20 line.  I do not say, "my vision seems sharper", or "seems weaker", no, I objectively check myself.

Otis> This is why most people will fail.  They lack the confidence to check themselves. 

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Re: Failure - My Opinion.
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Can you touch your toes without bending your knees? Or can you do a split? Maybe you can't today, but you could work at and with persistence over time it can happen. You have to stretch a little every day. The eyes are just like the rest of the body. Bad habits can add up to hunched shoulders, stiff hips, misshaped eyes, etc. Give up or stretch yourself the right way?

I highly recommend the book "Aging Backwards" and the Classical Stretch exercise routines which air for free on public television in the US. In the book she talks about how cell regeneration changes as you age, especially at 40 and it is EXACTLY the same mechanism that happens in people's eyes with presbyopia even though she doesn't talk about that. Use it or lose it!