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Subject:  People always ask, "how fast can I get out of it"?  They should have asked, "how fast did I get into it, and why"?

Further, they should ask all ODs, why did you not tell me about prevention, when I could still read the 20/40 line, and totally
avoided wearing the minus - by intelligent wearing of a plus for all near work?

Jake is doing an excellent job, and all of us can learn a lot about these issues from his posts.   The only dispute, I might have, is with the "last stage",
of recovery, where you do final confirmation by actually reading (and exceeding) the 20/40 line, and accepting long-term, and even permanent wear
of a plus for near.  You can quit - when you exceed the 20/20 line.

The other issue, for those people, who uses these preventive methods - is that they will see no result at all.

Yes - that is possible.  But they are thinking of the plus as a "cure" - that they wish to quit wearing as soon as possible.

If you are fortunate enough to read some of the 20/40 line (self-measured -1.5 diopters), and have strong scientific resolve - then
prevention is possible - if you accept that -1/2 diopter per year as proven issue you must defeat by wearing the plus for all "near" during
four years in college.

This explains why some people see no results at all.  This is not about short -term results.  It is about intellectual long-term
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