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Getting Started
« on: February 09, 2015, 10:38:45 AM »
Hi Everyone,
  First off, I want to thank Todd for the research/observations and all the others that contribute on this subject!

  I just recently went to the eye doctor to get a my eyes checked.  I did this not because I was having difficulty with my current prescription but, because the anti-reflection coating was messed up.

A little history first, because I'm wanting to try this method to fix my eyes over and have accomplished something similar with RSI (repetitive stress injury).  I work on a computer for approx 8 - 10 hours a day and have been doing this for approx 20+ years.  Back in 2000, I was part of a Y2K conversion project that basically messed up my hands, elbows, shoulders, etc from all the programming & bad posture that I was doing at the time.  I ended up with RSI (repetitive stress injury).  I was told at that time by doctors that I basically needed to have carpel tunnel surgery or stop doing what I was doing.  Needless to say stop working wasn't an option.  After much pain, research and trial and error I ran across a book by Sharon Butler, a Hellerwork practitioner, called "Conquering Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Other Repetitive Strain Injuries: A Self-Care Program" which not only helped my issue after 6+ months of constant stretching work but, changed my view on the body being able to heal itself given the right environment/nutrition. I'm 99.9% better today regarding the RSI stuff then I was back then.  Just wanted to mention that since I'm aware of the time & persistence involved to fight your way back to better health.

With that said I'm starting the journey on fixing my eyes for the better instead of the continual decline that I've experienced following the methods of OD's since approx 5th or 6th grade.

My new prescription is:
OD: -7.50 ; cyl: -0.25 ; Axis: 015
OS: -8.25 ; cyl: -0.25 ; Axis: 125

When I tried this prescription my eyes hurt when trying to get used this prescription and went back to my previous prescription which is:
OD: -7.50 ; cyl: DS
OS: -8.25 ; cyl: DS

I've had this previous prescription since 201306.  I'm planning on ordering a pair of glasses/lenses from but, with Todds recommendation of .5 diopters less which would make my distance prescription:
OD: -7.00
OS: -7.75

Since my myopia is so bad, I read from Todds' recommendation, on “Myopia: a modern yet reversible disease“ to not use plus lenses so I just to print push with my naked eyes when I'm reading on a tablet.

The question I have is how do I figure out an OD/OS for me to use while I'm working on the computer so I'm not using my distance lenses(od: -7.00 & os: -7.75), which I've done since I've been doing computer work.  I sit between 28" to 30" from a 25.5" monitor.  I'd like to be able to print push periodically while I'm working on the computer.

I realize I have a lot of work cut out for me to get my eyes to a better place but, I'm up to the challenge. I  know that I can work towards the goal of better eyes.  My concern  is that I spend so much time in front of the computer for work that it'll be difficult but, not impossible.

Any suggestions/concerns/comments or encouragements would be much appreciated on this quest for better eye sight.


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Re: Getting Started
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2015, 11:18:58 AM »
Υοu need about +1 to +1,25 diopters added to each eye's current refractive state at the distance you mentioned.
The type is:
added plus diopters in order to just see in infinite (blur zone)= 1/distance of reading (m)

Check Mr Otis Brown's youtube video how finding the blur zone, because just a mathematic type is not too practical.

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Re: Getting Started
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2015, 12:18:09 PM »
Hi Alex_Myopic & OtisBrown,
  Thank you for the replys.  I know this will be a long process but, will hopefully over time be able to update this thread on any progress that I make.

Otis, thank you for sharing this information.  I'll watch the videos later this evening.