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My Children are Myopic - TOO.
« on: February 03, 2015, 04:18:00 AM »
Subject: When an optometrist, "throws in the towel", and believes that helping his own children with plus-prevention is impossible!

I profoundly hate getting into an argument with an optometrist.  But advocacy for prevention, will always produce
intellectual arguments, about what is necessary for prevention, and who must take responsibility for prevention.

Once you induce slight "negative status" in your normal eyes, the OD will fix you with a strong minus lens.  Is that the
"right" thing to do? 

Most OD do not think anything else (prevention) is possible, or they figure that you would never
accept a preventive process, where you take personal control, to wear the plus and slowly change your refractive status
towards zero diopters, and 20/20.  I deeply understand their arguments, but I can not accept the idea that
prevention is impossible.

I would read this optometrist's book carefully.  People think that optometrists are researching "just prevention",
to help their own children make a choice about this issue.

I appreciate optometrists, and respect them.  But they have just, "given up", even with their own children.

Their response is to yell at their children, with their nose on the video game - all the time. The response of the kid, is
to ignore the parent, and go back to the video game!

But the idea of insisting that their own child sit up, and wear a strong plus, for all close work - is beyond their understanding.
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Re: My Children are Myopic - TOO.
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2015, 05:51:43 AM »
Does the natural eye, "change its refractive STATE", in a negative direction, from being placed in a "long-term" near situation?

For me, the final scientific answer is in this animation:

And of course, objective science confirmation - in an experiment:

But that seems to be "abstract science" that few people WANT to understand,
and take seriously.

For me, this is what separates science, from medicine.  I do not expect anything
from an OD in his office. He has NO capability of helping me - at all.
Hell, he will not even help his own children, and I do not blame him
for his lack of ability to help the ignorant public - walking in, "off the street".
You will have to define yourself - about this issue.

For an OD, in his office with his minus lens, that he can hold up, and impress you - there is no other solution,
other than the minus lens.

I personally would never say that, long-term near, "hurts the eye".   That is jumping to a conclusion, with
no review of all facts about the proven dynamic behavior of all natural eyes. 

Here is the commentary from the book, about an optometrist's children.


FROM THE BOOK:  My children are myopic too.

Nothing seems to absorb my children’s attention more than video gaming. I can shout. I can cry. I can jump up and down and flail my arms. They don’t move! They don’t look up! They don’t hear a word! And they can be in this hypnotic state for hours!! What does this have to do with vision?


Long periods of intense near work have been associated with nearsightedness.  Whether the near work causes the nearsightedness has yet to be proven, but there is a connection. It makes sense the demands placed on our children’s eyesight may cause their prescription to change. It’s not the video game; it’s the uninterrupted near viewing for long periods at a time.

The decision to allow your child to play video games is a very personal one. Personally, I recommend no longer than 30 minutes of uninterrupted time on any device, followed by a 30 minute break in which they get involved in distance activities, preferably outdoors.


You can PROVE, as pure-science,  that the natural eye  will "move negative" from long-term near.

It just takes some scientific logic - and objective testing.  Then it takes your recognition, that your own eyes, "behave that way".

It is important to never say, "hurt", when you mean, "change of refractive state".  The word, "hurt" is loaded with bias.

Yes, I agree with this optometrists, that, "children do not listen", to anything.  Perhaps even more difficult, would be the issue of convincing them
to put on a strong plus lens, while they can still read the 20/30 to 20/25 line.  Obviously, this optometrist will never consider that
as a possibility, or as a necessity.

That is a discipline that is beyond the ability of most children, and their parents. 

But if you are a mature adult, and still can read the 20/40 line, and are entering a four year engineering college,
you might be able to do - what these children will refuse to do, and the parents can not understand.

We have many interesting scientific debates on Todd's site. 

I will not argue with an optometrist who will not help his own children.

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Re: My Children are Myopic - TOO.
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2015, 07:30:54 AM »
Subject: Let us give up on "recovery".  Let us concentrate on "just prevention".

Here is the sad opinion of these ODs - about their own children:

Children-Too>  Myopia is a leading cause of vision loss and it’s estimated that by the year 2020, myopia will affect 2.5 billion people worldwide. It is going to be an epidemic in many regions of the world.  It’s not uncommon for children wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses to have their eyesight deteriorate yearly.

Otis> One thing is dead certain, when this OD puts his own child into a strong minus (and everyone else's child.)  They will join the 2.5 BILLION children, who will get "stair case" (negative status), in the next five years.

Otis>  I suggest we look at objective science (previously presented), and think about taking personal responsibility,
1) Always pass the 20/40 line (and better). 
2) Realize what at tragic farce this truly is, but
3) Also realize that most people will be "lurkers", and will never take long-term plus wear - seriously.

Otis> I pity the optometrist's children.  The optometrist should "know better", but he prefers "not to know".  Is this
your attitude also?

Otis> I do not "blame" anyone who can't wear the plus, at 20/40.  I just feel sorry for the consequences.
But once he knows the consequences, then I do not feel sorry for him any more.  I mean
the minus lens always works, impressively, and the plus does not work.
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Re: My Children are Myopic - TOO.
« Reply #3 on: February 05, 2015, 12:56:27 PM »
Subject: The need for a good Snellen, and your own "test lenses" of +1, +1/2, -1/2 and -1.

Item: Doing, "pure prevention" yourself - because an OD will not even help his own children with this issue.

Item:  I wish some one had "beat on me" to wear that plus.  Obviously an OD is not going to do that to me.

Here is why i think a "standard Snellen" is crucial for objective accuracy.

After my vision was restored -- I began to experiment with an eye chart.  This was to see if I could
devise a method of prevention that could work for the person who had the
insight and motivation, to create successful prevention - for himself.

Then I found out how CRITICAL, it is to have a bright light on  that Snellen. 
If you do not do that, your measurements are not consistent, nor accurate.

Once that is done, you should not use "other" measurement systems, or complain about subjective perception. 

The problem, is that people report that they read the letters on the 20/40 line, but they are "fuzzy".  We should report what we
OBJECTIVELY read, because THAT is the requirement.

I also think that the person MUST obtain a -1 and -1/2, and measure his refractive STATE himself.  This is to be
a "confidence builder, and a "safety" protection.  If you can clear the  20/20 line with a -1, you do not have
a "medical problem".  You have an "un-desired" refractive state of the  natural eyes, as far as
I am concerned - that can be prevented.

I use the 20/40 line - and a "reference", as an objective, "starting point".
If a person can read that line, and check his own refractive STATE, some good thinks can happen.

(Yes 20/40 is not great.) However, you can do most things with no minus  lens. 
You can get a -1 from Zennioptica (for $7) and use it to drive. (Perfectly reasonable.)

You should be able to read with a +1.25 D, at 16 to 20 inches.

In time, your refraction WILL change, and you can "move" to a +2 D, or so.

In about six months, you should begin to read the 20/30 line, and perhaps
the 20/25 line.  (This DOES TAKE TIME AND PERSISTENCE.)

No OD will note, or care about any of this.  He believes that it is impossible.
 I just say that, it is very difficult, and depends on the deep insights of the  person who will "stay with it", and get to 20/25.

I agree, at 20/60, you will not be able to avoid the minus lens. But, from
my point-of-view, if a person at 20/40 KNEW about the -1/2 diopter per year,
he would be smart enough to "reverse" that refractive STATE, back towards zero.

That means, that there would be no 20/60 people - at all.  They would
all stop and reverse, this process, where it is at least reasonable to do

This is a very TOUGH LESSON, in science, and in a person's intellect and motivation.

No optometrist - in an office - can do it for you.  ( I KNOW we will argue about these issues.)
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Re: My Children are Myopic - TOO.
« Reply #4 on: February 06, 2015, 04:43:34 AM »
Subject: An ophthalmologist (Kaisu Viikari) 'wakes up" about the fraud of the minus lens.

Item: She had PRESCRIBED a minus lens - for her son.  Here is what happened.


The essence of my expertise is contained in Ophthalmologist Aune Adel’s article "Tetralogy - A view on ophthalmology (p.  ) and in the chapter Excerpts from correspondence with my colleague Aune Adel (p.151). Aune writes: "You have indeed achieved more than our whole science of ophthalmology all put together - so far."

Other important junctures:

Kaisu>  The time I grabbed a hammer and crushed to pieces the glasses I had myself prescribed to my own son, as he would not give them up without a struggle!


Otis> Needless to say, *her* child got his distant vision slowly returned to normal by wearing the plus for all close work. 

Otis> The only way this situation will be "turned around", is when a medical doctor recognizes that the minus lens, never solves any problem.  The minus lens, if worn, only makes matters far worse.  Only when an optometrist takes a hammer to a minus lens, while their child can still read the 20/40 line, will this tragic situation have any chance of changing.  That, an insisting that their own children begin wearing a plus for near, and in due course getting to normal visual acuity.

Otis>  This the real "sea change" that is necessary to embark on true-prevention.  To begin wearing the "plus" before you go below 20/40.

Otis> The "minus" is like a drug, that we can never "give up" once we start wearing it.  When even an ophthalmologist, realizes it, and does the above, you know how difficult this problem is.

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Re: My Children are Myopic - TOO.
« Reply #5 on: February 07, 2015, 06:40:59 AM »
Subject: The "official position" of optometry, is that you can only "slow down the rate at which it gets worse".

Item: The further (un-stated) position, is that if you want to PREVENT IT, you will have to do it by yourself.

Item: The worst part of this, is that they will not even help their own children, because of their education, that
tells them that "just prevention", is totally impossible.
  When an OD thinks  that he "knows everything", and
he is going to solve-this-problem, exclusively in his office, then he is kidding himself.

Tragically, he can "kid" you into believing that there is no other alternative.

Item: Science will talk about avoiding it, or getting out of 20/40 (-1 diotper).  ODs will tell you that that concept, is totally impossible.

Here is six minutes of discussion by two optometrists who are totally confused, about the issue of pure-prevention.  They
avoid asking the right questions.

I would listen to their "defense of optometry", and think about their intellectual blindness, towards true prevention.
I think we all agree that "just prevention" is not easy, but I believe that prevention is possible.  These optometrists
believe that it is totally impossible.

Then I would think about doing prevention under *my* control, because there is no point
in getting into an argument, with an OD who puts his own children into a strong minus - because he
does not, "know any better".  There ignorance, will kill *your* vision - in the long run.

 That is the only argument I would have with an optometrists - but
even so, I just take care of prevention myself.
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