Author Topic: How can you have confirmed 20/20 - and be prescribed minus/astigmatic lens?  (Read 1031 times)

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Subject: How can your vision improve, to 20/20, and the optometrist state your vision is "very bad"??

This is why I have my own Snellen, and two "test lenses".  It is this over-prescription policy, of PRESCRIBING a strong minus lens,
when the person has 20/20 by DMV standards.

This is why I can no longer trust, and measurement made by a "tech".  I hope you did not have your vision screwed up by an optometrist.

From Dr. Alex's site By Zoltan:

With my left eye I can read the 20/40 line fairly easily (though not after a full day of sitting at a computer at work). In the morning I can sometimes just make out the 20/30 line.

With my right eye I can actually make out the 20/20 line, sometimes even then 20/10 line, but there is an lot of astigmatism – double vision.

Interestingly my most recent prescription was -0.75 sph / -0.75 cyl for both eyes. I’ve been doing a lot of “print pushing” with my left eye over the last year and I swear it has improved significantly, but my PREVIOUS prescription before I started doing this was -0.75 sph / -0.5 cyl. What the…? How can my eyes be WORSE?

That is why I joined this program. I figured something was not right with this prescription : )

Anyway, I get by without glasses during the day and wear -0.5 cyl glasses when I go out at night as my night vision is quite bad.

Do you recommend the -0.5 cyl glasses when I go out at night? Things are still a tiny bit blurry but is this a good thing to stimulate my eyes to improve?


I realize I can not "fight" this - so I do not even attempt to try to do so.

But, you should realize how your vision gets so totally "messed up" - when you do not
check your own visual acuity and refraction yourself.
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Subject: Making a "transistion" to a Snellen Visual Acuity standard.

Item: Do you read the 20/30 line?  (With ghosting or double vision?)

You are judged by the DMV, as reading the letters on the 20/40 line (prefer the 20/30 line).

This is objective reading, even with "ghosting".  These "clear flashes", of reading the 20/30 line - are you
best objective indicator of future success.

I think this situation is profoundly tragic - but I do not blame the optometrist.

I think that by learning and respect, prevention is possible, if you have the long-term motivation to do it yourself.

No, it is not "wonderful vision", but it is indeed an indicator that you should stick with your own program.

I prefer to have my own -1 and -1/2 diopter, to check my own refractive state, but that is optional.

I truly do not "trust" any OD measurement - because they don't care.

But I "care" for my vision, because the OD does not.  This means, I have a minus lens and always

This might mean a "compromise" where I *see* the minus lens gives me 20/15, when I  have
20/20 - but you can bet that I would not wear a minus/astigmatic lens - with self-confirmed 20/20.

I am personally tired of begin "ripped off" by this over-prescription policy.  I do accept personal responsibility
for my own "negative state" inducing habits as a child.  (I do not directly blame the OD.)

But I know it for what it is.

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From the link above:
"The only issue with Sasha's efforts is the amount of work her brain has to do to resolve those double images. "

It is difficult o believe that just diopter ot cylinder glasses can solve this "brain problem" in just one second.