Author Topic: What is the "goal" of Optometry? Is the ANY interest in ANY prevention?  (Read 789 times)

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Subject: What is the "goal" of optometry?  Is it to help you with prevention - at all?
Is there ANY interest in ANY prevention for ANYONE? 
Why do they not wish to, "drain the swamp"?

Item:  A lot of people think that optometrists are interested in actual prevention - this is absolutely false.

The Issue: It is always a mistaken assumption on your part.  The truth is that they have no "clue" that you might wish to keep your vision, and
wearing minus lenses, is not what you want from them.

They are totally against it.  Here is the video that discusses the issues of "Behavioural Optometry",
that you might think are "forward thinking".  But watch the video.

Otis>  Is the goal of Behavioural Optometry, to prevent nearsightedness, or to provide help to a person to change his refractive status by +3/4 diopters (from 20/40 to 20/20) to get out of nearsightedness.  Or to you judge that this is impossible for every one.  Or is prevention (and support) not a proper topic for optometry?

I just "gave up" on optometry.  If I wish prevention, at threshold 20/40, and self-measured -1 diopter,
I better not trust these people - in any sense of the word.

I better trust my own educated scientific judgment, because, (and they should admit it),
they are no help to me, nor will they ever help me.

We know that people who take great responsiblity for themselves, like Todd Becker, and are
not "too deep" into it, SLOWLY change their refractive state by about +1 diopter, and
begin objectively passing (at least) the required DMV test.

You should begin to realize that tragic truth - and make your own educated choice on
the basis of science, not not on the basis of a very biased profession.

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Subject:  Why are ODs are so blind, about the dynamic and proven behavior of the fundamental eye?

This is an engineering-scientific issue - never a "medical issue".  If you understand the goal of science,
and check your refractive STATE, yourself, you may be able to prevent entry - under your control -- IF
you have the enlightened self-interest to do so.

In a nut-shell - here is the problem.

Otis>  It is difficult to think about draining the swamp — when you are up to your ass in alligators.

The problem is that the "alligator" is you and I.

The OD is so "deep" into dealing with the alligators, that there is absolutely NO TIME TO REVIEW THE TYPE

For me, I will not be pressured with fighting the alligators.  For the person with a deep scientific interest,
I am interested in "draining the swamp".

This is what "threshold prevention" (at 20/40, and -1 diopter) is all about.  This is why an OD will
never allow a discussion about this very difficult subject.

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