Author Topic: Scientific truth, versus Optometry "Truth" - you should judge.  (Read 635 times)

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Subject: You choice of "descriptive words", makes all the difference.

I do not mind if an OD gives me a minus lens - and says nothing at all.  But when he insists that, a minus HAS NO EFFECT ON MY NATURAL REFRACTIVE STATE - I must object in strongest terms.  Here is the statement.

But what does pure-science say about the minus lens - objectively?

Essentially, that both, "long-term near" begins to create "negative status", and the OD, in an attempt to "please" the public,
provides a strong minus, and then states - it has no effect.

This is the distinction I make about whether "just prevention" (at 20/40) is possible - or not.

But it is all a matter of your educated choice - as to what plan of action you might choose to take - for "just prevention".
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