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You want just medical truth?
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Subject:  Whose truth do you want?  Here is commentary about why no OD will help you, at 20/40, and -1 diopter, self-measured.)

About myself:  What I truly wanted - was to be told the truth, when I was at 20/40 and could have gotten myself out of it at that point.
What "your truth" is, I do not know. But I did want to know what why most OD, maintain the "myopia silence", when you ask
them any or all questions.


Item:  The force of law used against optometrists.

Re: The "chilling" effect it has on ODs who would be willing to
help your child with prevention using a proper-strength plus

Specific Problems - with truth-telling.

1. Shira Raphaelson's commentary on her father's dedication and
effort for the "cause" of prevention.

2. Dr. Maurice Brumer's commentary on his work to achieve
prevention with a plus lens. The opposition to his
preventive work from his "board" and his fellow ODs.

3. A lawsuit against an Airforce officer who cleared his vision
to 20/20 (by wearing a plus) and attempted to offer this proven method to the general public.

While prevention is difficult -- it is indeed possible - in the range of 20/40 to 20/60. I often wondered why I received no discussion of the preventive alternative - from ANY optometrist in an office. I concluded that only a wise optometrist could ever help - his own child. All other children would become a "lost cause".

The following describes the various social and political
forces that "stop" any effort towards effective prevention, (and
vision restoration from 20/50 to 20/20).

We have seen a lawsuit brought against a against Captain Fred
Deakins who successfully cleared his distant vision with prolonged
and forceful use of a plus lens.

We hear the optometrist pleading, "If we only knew how to
PREVENT nearsightedness. We would do everything in our power to
make this knowledge available."

The tragic truth?

The OD Boards effectively destroy anyone who even SUGGESTS
that prevention is possible.

Below is the type of pressure that is brought to bear on an
optometrist who WOULD support prevention.

The problem? If he offered you the use of the plus for prevention?

He would get kicked out of his "profession" by his
professional board. There is no incentive to help ANYONE with
prevention. How could he, and why should he put himself at risk
to help you? This is exactly why I will never say, "cure", only AVOID ENTRY, while you can still read the 20/40 line by your own measurements.
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