Author Topic: Why the "Public Mind" is certain to fail.  (Read 967 times)

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Why the "Public Mind" is certain to fail.
« on: June 12, 2015, 10:05:26 AM »
Otis> The medical community deals with this type of person every day.  When "student" asks about "plus prevention",
he is told what student states as "scientific truth".  The result?  The OD feels prescribing a strong minus lens, is "perfect", and that
long-term near does not create, "negative state" for all natural eyes. (Please respect my choice of words.)

Student>  FYI: Sorry, but these types of eye exercises and lens therapies have been scientifically studied.
Unfortunately, they do not work. There is some evidence that plus lenses MAY slightly reduce the rate of
progression of myopia for a limited time in kids. But otherwise, they don't seem to work.

Otis>  I NEVER use "medical biased words".  They poison a scientific discussion, and produce anger in the "medical person".  All the
"medical studies" start with the assumption that you are "stupid" about objective science.  That does insult my intelligence, and
my sense of science.   The "plus", is NEVER, "eye exercise". Please never think of it that way.   Student's point that, "prevention does not
work", is an assumption, because there has NEVER been any attempt to restrict a study to 1) Intelligent people, and 2) Restricted
to people who can confirm 20/40, and 3) A person who will personally measure their own refractive state themselves.

Otis> But the "medical profession", is never the group that will ever run a "pure prevention" study.  They have excluded that possibility - for everyone.
For me, I look at the confirmed, -1/2 diopter per year, for students who are 16 years old and  in high school.  The plus, properly used in that circumstance,
depends completely, no the scientific education of the person himself.  That is something that "student" will never understand,
and will never even attempt.  That is why he will become ever more nearsighted, and insist that preventing, "negative status",
will never work.  His is right.  Prevention is not for him - and NO MEDICAL PERSON will ever be concerned about, "Student".
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Re: Why the "Public Mind" is certain to fail.
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For reasons of "Students" assumption and intense bias (also medical bias), I am required to show that, with intense
motivation and education, prevention would be possible, if the person believes in science and fact.  Here is
the proposed study, based on a truly good "plus study", with the required statics.  This is where that
confirmed, -1/2 diopter per year comes from.

It is tragic that no one asks that question, when they are at -1 diopter and 20/40.  As an engineer, that WOULD BE MY FIRST QUESTION.

Prevention is not for the faint hearted.  It is indeed a long-term requirement.  There is science that supports it, but
it is never medicine.  It is a matter of a person's intellectual understanding - and long-term resolve.

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Re: Why the "Public Mind" is certain to fail.
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I believe that no one in "medicine", can ever deal with the mass of humanity "waking in off the street'.  I gave up on that idea,
a long time  ago.  For that reason, I use words that never "accuse" a man in his office of anything.  There is not
a blessed thing he can do for prevention (except, perhaps, for his own child.)  But here is the reason, as stated by Tom:


People believe and do whatever they want to do, regardless of the facts presented to them.

Thomas Quackenbush (Vision Research)


That is a universally true statement.   For me, the science I present, makes sense to me, and shows the wisdom of "just prevention",
and elements as to why it would be wise to engage in it.

This is why no optometrist will "argue facts"  with you. They do not mean anything to him - or you.
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