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Our Story: Family Vision Therapy
« on: May 08, 2015, 05:01:07 AM »
Thank you, Todd, for approving me to join the forums! I've been reading here a lot since I discovered your video last month. The information we learned from your video is changing our lives for the better, and we are deeply grateful. I knew some of this stuff before, but my husband didn't "get it" until he saw you speak. And afterwards he pretended like his head was exploding because you totally blew his mind, lol.

Where to begin? I have myopia. I don't care, or at least didn't until recently. I live in an urban area, so I don't need to drive, and I prefer natural sight, so I never wore glasses. I discovered the work of Dr. Bates when I was in college and tried his techniques. The results were amazing. I've always known my vision varies greatly depending on how stressed I am. After the first night of reading the techniques in Dr. Bates book, I spent the next day seeing probably around 20/20 in my classes. It didn't last, but it was enough to convince me that I already have perfect vision, I just need to learn how to use it.

Fast forward, I got married, started having babies. and was just carrying on with life, my vision still fluctuating but good enough, not very important to me. My husband started talking about his vision wasn't as good as it used to be, so I gradually introduced him to some Bates stuff. He had Lasik about 9 or 10 years ago, so his myopia and astigmatism is not the same as my case and he cannot relax it away as easily. We studied the work of Meir Schnieder and he was coming around to believing in alternative treatments, but he wasn't putting it into practice or making it a priority. In March 2015 at his check-up, he tested at 20/30 and was given a prescription for:

RT:  -.25   -.75    140
LT:   -.25   -.50   079

Finally he was willing to listen to me! What finally got him to take some positive action (pun, haha) was seeing Todd's presentation. We both bought some plus lenses and have been using them ever since. And by the time the prescription ones were ready to be picked up, he willingly gave them to me to throw away. Astigmatism correction is dangerous, and I offered to buy him proper spherical glasses from ZenniOptical if he needed them to drive. Thank you to Mr. Otis for teaching me about the plus and how to do our own test lenses! Of course by the time we got those, we'd been doing the plus for over a month and he's testing fine, well within range for safe driving (got half the 20/20 line the other day!), but since he's seen how it's sharper, he's talking about getting a pair of -.25, supposedly only for when driving to new places and needing to see the road signs better. I don't think he fully grasps the addictive nature of the minus and dangers, which are well detailed on the endmyopia website.

Since using the plus, I have developed monocular diplopia in one eye, perhaps rather severe, but I'm reassured that it's a normal phase. My vision is improving even with the whole second letter seen on the chart, off to the left. I've been following Alex's posts closely -- if you're around and reading this, I'd love to hear how you're doing! We're thinking about trying the plus for eating, and I wonder if I should use them while doing food prep? I also saw your posts on the Forbestvision site, and I am now using a customized emailed dynamic trainer, too.

When I was younger, I found the Magic Eye 3D images helpful to me. I believe they improved my vision because they made me relax and focus farther away. In the process of helping my husband, we realized he can't see them. He was even a little slow to see red/green comics at first, so I've also been learning all about vision therapy and convergence and working on him with the Brock string. I read a great book called Fixing My Gaze by Susan Barry. I would love to hear from anyone else who has had issues with the Brock string. Next year's check-up will be with a behavioral optometrist I have chosen, and I will go along.

I haven't seen a lot of family stories, so I thought you might enjoy hearing about a couple trying it out together. Every morning we wake up and do our eye stretches. Every evening we spend time doing vision therapy exercises or print pushing. Our toddler even wants a turn looking at the Brock string. We have eye charts scattered around the house, including ones across from where we sit to eat so we can practice then. We're also ready to prevent myopia in our children as they reach reading age.

Our Plus Progress

March 2015
Him: +2.5 reading, +1.5 computer at work (saw a big improvement when he started using the glasses at work), +1 computer at home
Me: +2 reading, +1 computer at home

May 2015
Him: +2.5 reading, +1.5 computer at work, +1 computer at home
Me: +2.5 reading, alternating +2 and +1 computer at home (should be +1.5 but I don't have those yet)

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Re: Our Story: Family Vision Therapy
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2015, 05:07:56 AM »
One more thought:
My husband was pressured into buying the glasses at the dr's office because I wasn't with him, lol. And because he was telling himself he would only use them for driving at night. I didn't know he was having problems at night, if he'd just told me sooner, I would've told him about nighttime sunglasses, which he'd never heard of. They improve the contrast you get from bright lights and darkness. It's hard to describe, but I'd seen a pair a friend had several years ago and was impressed, so I remembered them. I bought him a pair off Amazon right away and he loves them. He uses them for all night driving, which is a couple of times a week. And best of all, he loves the wrap around feature, which you don't get from regular prescription glasses. The glasses from the dr wouldn't even have solved his night discomfort and the non-prescription sunglasses I got are motivation to keep him from getting prescription glasses because then he couldn't wear these night sunglasses.

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« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2015, 12:28:32 PM »
We went to a behavioral optometrist to start the path to professional vision therapy. They require a dilated comprehensive eye exam as the first step, so I can officially tell you he improved by .25 diopters in 3 months! He'd been reading 20/20 at home, and I was so proud of him when he read it at the doctor's office. They still refracted him to calculate some astigmatism, but the verdict was "glasses optional"!

I also got myself checked to have some starting numbers and measure progress, although I know I've already made progress. I'll continue to share in the same format I've been using (you know the refractions are over prescribed anyway!):

June 2015
Him: +2.75 reading, +1.5 computer at work, +1.75 computer at home, +2 meals at home
Me: +2.5 reading, +2 computer at home, +1.5 chopping and peeling in the kitchen and during some meals