Author Topic: Opinions about "just prevention", for your thoughts.  (Read 686 times)

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Opinions about "just prevention", for your thoughts.
« on: June 19, 2015, 06:48:40 AM »
ABOVE ALL ELSE - I deeply respect Jake and his efforts with "End Myopia". 

My question that started me in all of this was, "... how the HELL did I get down to -8 diopters"??

Was there any other choice, and possible success, when I could STILL READ THE 20/40 LINE (at -1 diopter).

Further, I say to all ODs -- PLEASE TELL ME WHEN I AM AT 20/40, and I might surprise you by wearing the plus, and getting myself a change of +1 diopter, and restoration of my Snellen vision to 20/20 and refractive state of +1/2 diopters. 

I realize that I must do all  of this - on my own.

Now that I know that all natural eyes "go down" from that minus lens - I would certainly want that education.  It would at
respect at least my intelligence.  So why am I always kept in the "dark" about plus-prevention, when I could have done is myself?
Why do I always "find this out", after I am "down to" -8 diopters?

I never want to become so dependent on a minus lens - ever again.  I know that no OD will ever help me - for several reasons.

But - I gave up on optometrists, and maybe their desire to help me AVOID ENTRY.

I provided this type of support for my sister's children.  The all never got stair-case myopia from that FIRST over-prescribed
minus lens.

They are objective in reading their own Snellen and always passing the required Snellen.

They are free of the minus lens.  You can make your own judgment about these issues.

In my judgment, prevention is a matter of wise "blood relatives" helping their own relatives begin to understand this issue.

I wish you skill and luck in getting back to reading the 20/20 line, by any method you like or choose.

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