Author Topic: Optometrist - who insist THEIR child wear a plus at 20/30.  (Read 1371 times)

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Optometrist - who insist THEIR child wear a plus at 20/30.
« on: July 05, 2015, 09:56:38 AM »
Note:  Steve Lung OD, and I have had detailed discussions about this subject.
He insists that his own child wear a strong plus, even with 20/20 vision.  I am often told
that, "optometrists do not believe in plus-prevention at 20/30."  Quite the opposite is true.
I would be glad to pay an "annual fee", to an optometrist who would help me (at 20/30), as
he helps his own child.


          "Thinking, thinking and thinking..."

               Dr. Albert Einstein

     The use of plus lenses is the only natural way to restore
perfect distant vision if you are becoming myopic.  Why don't you
put them on before the start of any myopia.  They are used for
reading only!

     Most people deny the intelligent use of plus lens.  They
think that the lenses are redundant and not necessary when they
still have sharp vision at both near and far.

     Positive lenses act against myopia with comfortable near
vision.  Have you ever try before?  (Few people done)

     Negative lenses give clear vision but let you deeper
nearsightedness.  Are you willing to accept?  (Most people did)

     People who are intelligent and smart understand that myopia
can be avoided.

     People who are logical and determined believe that myopia can
be cured.

     People who are ignorant and unaware fall into the abyss of

     People who deny the use of plus lens accept life-long myopia.

     Those of us who are myopic but educated should learn from Dr.
Colgate's successful myopia prevention.

     Most children get into myopia after entering school then step
into the trap by traditional negative lens with hopeless chance of
recovery.  Please think over the use of negative lens for
children's long-term visual welfare.

Steve Leung OD
Lawson's Optometrists Limited
Room 1008, Hollywood Plaza
610 Nathan Road
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2385-9676


Dear Otis,

     I would like to acknowledge your work to the public that an
optometrist standing on your side.  I hope some eye-related
discipline personnel, pilots and even laymen would like to join
your devoted work on myopia prevention.  I'm sure some of the
people may be rewarded of vision restoration from our efforts.
It's matter of time.

Steve Leung

Otis>  I am  very pleased that an insightful optometrist insists
that his own child systematically use a plus for all close work.

Otis> There is no doubt, but that is what true-prevention will take.

Otis> Or just totally believe this optometrist, who assures you that no preventive method will ever work.

Otis> She is a good looking optometrist.  I am certain you will want to believe her.  She is
doing the best she can, by providing you with 20/10 vision.
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