Author Topic: Jake defines why teenagers will always fail with prevention.  (Read 894 times)

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Jake is working and advocating return to good vision.  He has great insights about WHY no one who is "medical" will ever
extend a hand - to help you. 

Lackadaisical:  adjective -- without interest, vigor, or determination; listless; lethargic: a lackadaisical attempt.

Prevention is possible, as a matter of objective science.  But, for a teenager, prevention is impossible for these reasons:

Are you like this teenager?

Otis> A great truth is in these words:

Jake> That ended up being my main problem with this kid. How am I going to help him get better distance vision, when he doesn’t need it for anything? It’s one thing, helping athletes and pilots and generally people who are into the notion that they are connected to their bodies, and that maintaining the health of their bodies is a priority.

Otis> I also helped pilots with this issue. They are successful, because they actually LOOK at their own Snellen-chart, and know what the consequence is to their long-term career in aviation, if they can not objectively read the 20/20 line, at home, BEFORE they go for the required FAA check, every six months. This is why most medical people simply “do not bother” arguing about prevention at 20/40. You are developing great insights that a serious person should understand. Thanks!
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