Author Topic: Pilots are successful - but most people are not.  (Read 929 times)

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Pilots are successful - but most people are not.
« on: July 31, 2015, 08:21:09 PM »
I have no doubts about how extremely difficult it is to get recovery from 20/40.  Most people have neither, the time, the motivation or the interest,
to make a life time commitment to wearing the plus for the long-run.   This is not the fault of an optometrist.  When I am asks, if ANYONE has
ever managed to go from 20/40 to 20/20, I say it is rare - but you can not rule out pilots.

Note:  This is a personal message -- not endorsed by the United
       States Air Force.  Captain Deakins understood the explicit
       requirements -- and met and exceeded them.

               HIS DISTANT VISION FROM 20/50 TO 20/20

From:  Captain Fred Deakins

To:  You who must achieve 20/20.

Like most of you, I am a believer in alternatives to the western philosophy of
handing out visual crutches to everyone with eyesight / vision
problems.  Graduating from college, I found that my vision had
regressed to a myopic 20/50 due to near-point stress.  At the
time, I was in the running for a coveted air force pilot slot, but
absolutely had to pass the ophthalmology exam with 20/20
uncorrected (this was back in 1996).

     Through good fortune, I found the concept of plus lens vision
restoration and began working feverishly to improve my eyesight.
I worked about 1 hour every day, 5 days a week and gave my eyes a
rest on Saturday and Sunday.  I found that by Friday, my vision
was terrible, but come Sunday morning, I had eagle vision without
any squinting or straining.  I kept to my schedule leading up to
my initial military flight physical (4 months later) and read the
20/15 over and over again without even knowing it.  Needless to
say, my life dream was obtained and I now live in New Jersey
flying jets out of McGuire AFB.

     It worked for me, and I know that it's worked for countless
others.  Having reset my life goals, I now want to help others who
are striving for better vision.  I have started a company called
America 20/20, and our purpose is to provide first rate
instruction and support to those willing to invest time, effort
and commitment with the goal of achieving sharp vision without
glasses or surgery.  [Note:  Fred Deakins subsequently disbanded
America 20/20 for reasons I am not allowed to talk about.  Use your

     I'll warn you, definitely takes work and
persistence on your part.  Think about it, our vision deteriorates
from prolonged stress and strain in the eye...for most of us
taking years to develop.  Why should we expect to be able to
correct our vision naturally literally over night?  Believe me, 4
months is a blink of the eye compared to the 6 or 7 years it took
me to ruin my vision (no pun intended).  I stopped doing these
exercises after my flight physical (3 years ago) and still see
20/20 with very little effort (this was impossible for me before
doing this).

     It's true that this method (and others) have failed some
people.  Those with eye disease excluded, I would be willing to
bet that this is because it took too much effort on their part and
therefore they decided to give up -- and go with the easy
solution...corrective minus lenses or some form of eye surgery.

     Anyway, I don't usually write long messages, but this is
important.  I care about each and every one of you who are
suffering from any form of disease or accommodative errors of the

Best Regards,

Captain Fred Deakins, USAF