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I now know that no optometrist will ever help anyone with "plus prevention".  There is no point in asking for help anymore.

Here is how and why plus prevention is possible - with the plus.

What is the medical opinion on this educated self-prevention for your own chid

I always believe in objective measurements - using your own Snellen.  That is the only way to effective prevention.

We know that if a child will NOT do this plus-wear, his vision will go down at rate of -1/2 diopter pre year, for
each year in school.

The plus, while difficult, is intelligent to wear.

     I have received this from a parent, who was himself beyond the "point" where recovery was possible.

     I have changed the names of the people to protect them.


From: Ron

Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Subject: Mike's vision 20/70 to 20/30

Dear Otis,

     I am Ron and my son is Mike.  Mike is eight years old now and
can read most of the 20/30 line of i-see random Snellen chart.   He
has been using plus for three months.

     In 2004 when he was 6.  My wife and I took him to see the
optometrist in a university.  We were told that Mike's vision was
farsighted +0.75D both eyes and the eyes were healthy.

     In 2005 he was 7.   We went to the same optometrist.  We were
told that Mike's farsightedness was gone.  We worried he would be
myopic soon.  But nothing we could do at the time.  The
optometrist said that they suggest some children to use the hard
contact lens to slow down the myopia if myopia grows fast.  But he
said Mike was not myopic yet and did not need at the time.  My
wife and I also think the hard contact lens is too dangerous for a
young boy like Michael.  We do not consider.  What we could do was
just keep an eye on his vision.

     At his regular body check early August this year.   The doctor
told us Mike needed to see an optometrist.  My wife and I took him
to see an optometrist on the same day.   We were told that Mike was
R -1.25 D and L -1.00 D nearsighted.  That guy said Mike needed a
pair of nearsightedness glasses.  I told him Mike's refractive
state was 0 diopter last year.   That guy said know..  he has
grown.   he has grown taller.  his eyes have grown longer.  and
heredity.  so myopia.  I thought only the heredity made sense (not
any more now).

     I think the NBA players are much taller.  Are they all
myopic?  We rejected to let Michael wear glasses the guy wanted to
sell.  We went to two more different optometrists at different
places in the week (because I don't really trust some of them ).
One said Michael was R -1.25 D and L -1.50 D.  Another said he was
-1.50 D both eyes.  Sure enough he was nnearsighted.  We did not go
to the university because it takes months for an appointment.  We
needed to know earlier.

     My wife and I were very sad.  We have been doing everything
we can to protect his vision since he was a baby, no close reading
at home (in school we don't know and can not control), 12 feet
away from the TV and only two or three hours a week, no TV game
and no computer etc.  Unfortunately, he can not stay away from

     In that week.  My wife and I searched on the net.   We wanted
to find some methods to slow down Mike's myopia progress.  We
found O.K lens then we found plus method on Steve's site and your
site.  We read as much as possible in a week.  Though we read a
lot.  We could not let Mike try the plus.  Because we didn't know
too much about this.  We worried.  So we decided to try the plus
lenses by myself first.  After a few days using plus lenses.  I
felt good and my vision improved little.  It was no harmful at
all.  Then we got a pair of +1.50 D lenses for Michael starting.
Mike started using plus in the end of August 2006.

     Mike's vision improved a little bit in a month.  I always
check his vision at home with the eye charts on the net.  I have
read a lot about plus prevention on the net.  Too bad Steve
doesn't update his website any more for some reason.  Some people
accused him.

     I have read a lot on your site, your forum, the Yabb vision
improvement forum, and i-see etc.  I realize the
+1.50 D lenses are not strong enough for Michael when he reaches
20/50 or better.  So I gave him a pair of +2.50D lenses on 26
September 2006.  He uses plus at home and his class room.  He now
can read most of the 20/30.  Sometimes 4 of 6 sometimes 5 of 6.
His vision was about 20/60 - 20/70 three months ago.  He has
improved a lot through three months.

     Last week Mike had a vision assessment in the department of
health.  The optometrist put the -0.50D lenses on Mike's face.
Michael could read the smallest line each eye separately with
those lenses.  The optometrist said Mike was -0.50 D nearsighted
both eyes.  I asked him if the smallest line was 20/20.  He told
me that was 20/15.  He said Mike didn't need glasses.

     Otis, is that kind of over-prescription you always say?
Anyway, we are so happy about that Michael is just -0.50D
nearsighted (may be) confirmed by a professional optometrist
though I know his vision level on the eye chart at home, though I
don't trust some of them too much.

     Mike improves his vision by using plus.  So do I.   But my
vision is too bad can not be restored.   One thing is certain.
Plus prevention works.   Mike doesn't do any eye exercise like
zooming, sunning and palming etc.  He doesn't even know it.  I
have given him some blue berry extract with DHA since October
2006.  I don't know if it helps.  Who knows?

     One more thing is certain.  God has been helping us.  Thank

     Otis, you are doing great.  You are helping a lot of people.
Some people overcome myopia with your help.  I have learnt much
about plus-prevention on your site.  Mike can avoid the stair-case
myopia.  His vision doesn't need to be sacrificed.  I can't tell
you how excited I am that he doesn't need the nearsightedness
glasses in his life even he is just 20/30 now.   You are making
things better.

     I have seen some people bash you unreasonably.  So I just
want to write this letter to say thank you and encourage you.  It
is not easy for me to type an English letter like this.  But I
have to.

     I don't know if Mike will reach 20/20.  I believe he will.  I
will let you know on the day.

     Thank you very much again Otis.

Best regards,



Part 2

Subject: Mike's vision now 20/25

Dear Otis,

     Thank you for your message.  I read those pages of Wildsoet
Lab and Good Vision.  I understand the effect of the minus lens.
When I was teen.  I needed stronger minus lenses every one or two
years.   I don't want my child to do the same thing that I did.  I
value his vision.

     I test Mike's vision once a week.  Yesterday I tested his
vision again.  He could read 4 of 5 letters of IVAC 20/25 line.
It amazed me.  Last week he could just read 5 of 6 letters of
I-SEE Snellen 20/30 line.  He is getting better and better.  I
think kid's vision can be restored much easier than adult.

     As you know.  There are so many people nearsighted in Hong
Kong.  I am one of them.  Michael is in a grade 3 class with 20
classmates.  Unfortunately there are already five students wearing
minus glasses in his class.  My wife has talked about plus
prevention to a parent whose child is -1.50 D nearsighted.  But
she didn't really believe it.  People prefer the minus lens the
optometrists suggest.  You are right.  The Lord helps the people
who help themselves.

     I will get Mike proper medical checks certainly and we will
go to the Polytechnic university to see the optometrist again when
his vision gets better.

     Thank you very much for your attention.

Best regards,


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Re: A SUCCESS story - for an intelligent, motivated parent and child.
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I am trying to solve -5 in both eyes

if I was ever 20/70 , that would be good enough for me