Author Topic: Pilots are successful from 20/70.  (Read 1386 times)

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Pilots are successful from 20/70.
« on: August 03, 2015, 03:50:33 PM »

Yes - some people at 20/50, never "budge" in terms of their visual acuity.

For some reason, pilots, with total devotion to full-time wear of a strong plus - are successful by the
objective standard of the JAA.

The only success - is when you objectively confirm at home, go to the JAA test and pass THEIR visual acuity requirement.

This is identical to what Todd achieved.


Dear Pilot,

Subject:  Clearing your vision from 20/70 to 20/20 to meet the FAA (JAA) standard.

     While recovery from 20/70 to 20/20 is to a certain extent
difficult -- it is completely possible.

     Here is the experience of Matt B.   who was measured at -1.0
diopters (20/70) which is VERY BAD VISION for a pilot.

     Since Matt's dream was to qualify for the RAF, he developed
in himself the resolve to do the "preventive" work correctly.

     Here is his experience in his own words.

     We look forward to the day when we can do this work
consistently with pilots entering a four year college similar to
Embry Riddle.  Would you like to be part of a successful organized
effort to preserve your distant vision -- for life?  The choice is


Your Name and Date :  Matt B.  Pilot 3/10/03

Subject :  Can you help me from 20/70 and -1.0 diopter of myopia?

Comment:  Hi my name is MB I am 21 years old and have a
     prescription of Left :  -0.75 and Right :  -1.00.  I am
     very interested in improving my vision to 20/20.  This
     prescription is not good enough for the Royal Air Force,
     at present I would fail the eyesight test.  My dream
     would be to become an RAF pilot, so any efforts that I
     can make to improve my vision without surgery would be

Your Name and Date :  Otis 3/11/03

Subject :  Recovery from -1.0D

Comment:  Dear M.B., I appreciate your interest.  Generally, -1.0
     Diopters is considered to be equivalent to 20/70.  No
     one can guarantee success, but a number of pilots have
     cleared their distant vision by the plus-lens preventive
     method.  I will provide all the assistance I can.
     However, you must make all the confirming measurements.
     Best, Otis

Your Name and Date :  Matt B.  3/12

Subject :  How should I use the plus

Comment:  I have read all the items on your site and to be
     truthful am somewhat confused.  Does this mean that I
     can prevent my eyes from getting any worse or can I
     improve them.  Should I wear them all day or just for
     close up work as I am doing now?

Your Name and Date :  Otis 3/13

Subject :  Initial Info:  How to use the plus

Comment:  Dear MB, The plus lens is sold in the USA everywhere
     with no prescription required.  Values run from +1.0 to
     +3.75 D Select a lens of about +2.0 diopters.  Pick up
     some reading material an push print, i.e., find the
     point of blur for conformable reading.  Practice
     reading, for 10 minutes, and then look over the tops of
     the lens at the eye-chart.  Some times you will see
     rapid clearing by this method.  Best, Otis

Your Name and Date :  MB Pilot 3/19/03

Subject :  More Measurements

Comment:  I found that I could easily read the letters.  I
     downloaded a Snellen chart which I printed out and stuck
     on my wall.  At twenty feet I found that I could read
     the 20/20 line although it was not crystal clear when
     using both eyes.  With just my left I could see 20/30
     although I could make out most of the 20/20 line and
     with just my right eye I could see 20/40 easily but most
     of the 20/30 line.

Your Name and Date :  Otis 3/20

Subject :  Vision Status

Comment:  I am pleased you checked your vision an found it to be
     approximately 20/40 under room illumination.   You now
     have a base-line to compare your improvement.  You need
     to improve by about +1/2 diopter.  Please read pilot
     Chet's comments on his efforts.  They should help you
     understand what it will take to clear your distant
     vision.  I hope you understand that this is a slow
     process.  If you keep working, you can achieve what Dr.
     Colgate achieved.

Your Name and Date :  Pilot M.B.  3/29/03

Subject :  JAA Test, Part 1

Comment:  Otis -- Today has been a good day!!  I passed my medical
     without a hitch - you should see the huge grin in my
     face.  I know it is only a JAA class 2, ...  ...  but I
     was quite worried that I would fail the vision part.
     The examiner made me cover one eye and look through a
     mirror at the chart on the wall behind me.  The chart
     was the one with the rotating Cs which I found pretty
     easy.  After that I had the standard Snellen chart, at
     normal room illumination, which I also passed.

Your Name and Date :  M.B.  3/30

Subject :  Pass JAA -- Part 2

Comment:  I'm not sure quite how I did it but I scored a 6/6!
     Looks like all the work that I have been doing is paying
     dividends.  I want to personally thank you Otis for
     introducing me to this method of clearing up my distance
     vision.  I am now more motivated than ever to keep up
     with my efforts.  Think I might have a beer or two this
     evening, such a weight has been taken off my shoulders.
     I raise my glass to you my friend.

Your Name and Date :  Otis 3/31/03

Subject :  JAA Test, Part 3

Comment:  Matt -- Both of us are VERY PLEASED at your success.
     6/6 means you read at a distance of 6 meters what the
     normal pilot can read at 6 meters.  The size of the
     characters is 0.88 cm.  They should write:  6/6/0.88cm
     to be perfectly clear to the pilot who wishes do his own
     checking.  As you know, pushing print, doing your own
     eye-chart checking, and using the plus lens properly is
     the key to success.  CONGRATULATIONS!  Otis

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Re: Pilots are successful from 20/70.
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2015, 10:18:38 AM »
to even be at 20/70 would be a miracle for me,

currently stuck at 20/400