Author Topic: Friendly commentary about "End Myopia" to an optometrist.  (Read 2418 times)

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Friendly commentary about "End Myopia" to an optometrist.
« on: August 09, 2015, 05:29:57 AM »

Dear Prevention-minded optometrist,

cc: Jake.
Both of us are driven (for the last 30 years) to produce “better answers”, for the issue of “negative status” for
an eye that is totally normal. 
But the real issue is the “public's ignorance”, and the public’s habits.  Because of control-system analysis, (abstract, intellectual, isolated),
I have no doubt – but that Jake is correct – and this picture is an accurate story.
It is easy to say this.  But, like “putting on weight”, no one (in medicine) wants to tell this truth.
If you are 20, 30 and 40 pounds OVER-WEIGHT, no MD in his office will say anything.  They figure you should  know WHY, and take care of it yourself.
I now know that my “habits” as a child CREATED, “negative status”, and if I had the training, and fortitude, I could have
kept my distant vision – though the school years – by intentional, and long-term plus-wear.
But like “weight control”, no OD will ever tell me this.   I ACCEPT THAT TRUTH.
But no one should “kid” himself about this issue.
Preventing “negative status”, is when you do prevention yourself, when at 20/30.
I know, as you said, your father forced you to wear a “plus for near”.
For me, the solution is not “in optometry”.  It is in the wise parent who will TALK to the child, (or young adult) about
the need to START with the plus – when at 20/30 to 20/40.  This is indeed an “either-or” choice, and does not admit that any
recovery is possible much beyond 20/50 to 20/60.
For those who “can’t get the idea”, or are to lazy to wear the plus – then nothing further can be done.
I am very careful with my “words”.
I must depend totally on the intelligence, experience, and judgment of the person himself - to take prevention seriously,
at 20/30, or to reject it completely.
The is no “other way” -- in my opinion.


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Re: Friendly commentary about "End Myopia" to an optometrist.
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2015, 04:32:24 AM »
Subject:  Why is your OD so "hot" to put you into a strong minus lens.

Corollary:  Why do you never hear about plus-prevention from an optometrist.  Is it because he does not
want to "know about it?"  Or is it because you do not want to "know about it"?

I always support, "EndMyopia", because Jake is the only person making an attempt to achieve prevention, and recovery
from various degrees of myopia.

I had always HOPED for an honest discussion about the means of prevention, while I could still read the 20/40 line (self-measured -1 diopter).

But I never even had a "fighting chance".  Here are the reasons - as spelled out by Jake.

I do not trust an OD, when so much money is involved.  This is why I personally check  my own Snellen (20/20 thank you),
and my refractive status +1/2 diopter, (not difficult to measure at all.)

An examination and prescription, will cost you about $150 for glasses, and about $200 for the one-hour exam.

To even begin discussing the need for wise prevention (under your control) is a discussion that will never happen in an ODs office.

I hate to see a child "sucker punched" with a strong minus lens, when he can still read the 20/30 line - but it ALWAYS

But read Jakes's commentary - and decide what you wish to do about prevention, when prevention is still possible for you.

I do not "sell" glasses.  I do not "care about the money". 

I do care about your right of educated choice. 

But true-prevention does envision systematic wearing of a plus (to get back to 20/20 from 20/40). 

By all our conversations, it is certain that few people want to make that efforts.  Thus optometry will thrive - and it
is not "all about money".


Jake –

“If they are squinting a lot, or if they are getting really close to the TV or holding up things really close is one way that people catch it. So, you definitely want to bring them in for that,” Dr. Cocheran explained.

Jake> Some truth. But let’s not overthink it.

Otis> I do think it essential to "think about it".

Otis> The ODs get this exactly wrong. From your picture of people with “nose on cell phones”, or kids reading at -10 and -13 diopters (4 and 3 inches),
it is this un-necessary habit that creates negative status, or that first “step” into nearsightedness. This is a habit that needs to be broken.
I did it myself – and was informed that, “doing that has no effect on the natural eye”. After long-research (the primate eye), that is indeed
a scientific lie.

Otis> I would appreciate an Optometrist, who would monitor the child, see the child doing this (with 20/30) and inform the child (and parents)
how much this “habit” creates that first step into nearsightedness. It would then be up to the parents to help the child
with the (potential) habit of 1) Sitting up and 2) Wearing a stress-relief lens for close work. I would not mind “paying money” for that
type of help.
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