Author Topic: Who should you believe? Who should you trust?  (Read 980 times)

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Who should you believe? Who should you trust?
« on: August 20, 2015, 05:45:09 PM »
I support "EndMyopia", for the simple reason that no one else is doing it - or attempting to do it.

Anyone who is considering vision "protection" or returning his Snellen from 20/50 to 20/20 (change of
self-measured +3/4 diopters) should read this commentary - whatever you might choose to believe.

Virtually all MDs and ODs will tell you that this is "not their business", and that, "it can never be done".

Personally, I agree that it is difficult, but the final verification, can never be accomplished by an OD or MD, it
must be objective confirmation by yourself.

There is no doubt, but that some people, will see no results, and they post it here.  Equally, there
are others who understand and "commit" to long-term plus wear, and are objectively successful.
(i.e, Todd Becker, Stirling Colgate, etc.)

The people who MAKE themselves successful, just seem to understand that there is no other choice, (at 20/40)
and that they MUST wear the plus, until they get back to reasonable-normal visual acuity.  They
just do not "quit" wearing the plus.

But this will NEVER be medicine.  I like medical people, I admire them, I consult with them -- but
in this specific subject -- there is no way that they can ever help me.  It is this "conflict" that concerns me
the most. 
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Re: Who should you believe? Who should you trust?
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He told me that 1) His children always wear the plus - for true prevention, and that 2) That strong minus lens you are wearing - permanently
screwed up your vision - and there was nothing he could do about it.


That truth made me man.  I only asked, why did you not tell me this - when I could have personally taught myself to
wear the plus (for all close work), and avoid entry, and worse, negative-lens induced, and serious myopia?  Just
tell me the scientific truth.  I consider myself intelligent, and would respond to a true scientific discussion.

Jake of EndMyopia, truly has this part correct for "just entering myopia".

The ODs "know about this", but they just sit there - and keep their mouth shut.  They figure you will
lack BOTH the intelligence and motivation, to start with prevention when at 20/40.

The Health Profession’s Response to “Problems With Poor Vision”.

Dr. Robert Levy:

I must strongly disagree with at least one “myth” about poor vision Dr. Jay Siwek mentions [Consultation, 9/11/91]. He says doing close work does not harm your eyes and then goes on to talk about three sight- threatening diseases. While it is true that close work does not cause the kinds of blindness that glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration do, such fine focusing for extended periods can cause nearsightedness, a far more common occurrence.

Day after day, year after year, I see patients who get more and more nearsighted from doing close work, particularly if they have been wearing a distance prescription while doing their close work. The vicious cycle is that you read and do your homework, become nearsighted, get distance [negative lens] glasses and when you go back to read and do your homework you become more nearsighted.

People who take their glasses off to read (if they can) or who wear bifocals [plus lenses] to reduce the prescription for near focusing show a much slower progression into nearsightedness than those who read with distance glasses on. One study of an Eskimo village being taught to read showed that after two generations of reading, virtually none of the grandparents’ generation needed distance glasses, about half of the parents’ generation did and virtually all of the children’s generation did. This is the best example of reading and close work causing nearsightedness.
It would be nice if ALL MEDICAL PEOPLE WOULD SAY THIS TO ME. I hate the idea that they KNOW, and will not tell me about their “feelings” about that adverse effect that a minus lens always has on all natural eyes. I would judge that I have been cheated out of my distant vision – by an OD who will not say this to me when I am at 20/40, and could restore my vision by the methods that Jake advocates.