Author Topic: The assumption that you can "suggest" that an OD will ever help - ever.  (Read 754 times)

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Subject: There is a point, where you must get, "beyond trust in medicine".  I do not know if you can do that - but at
some point, you must realize that any minus lens will take you beyond the point where you can "get out of it".

Don Rehm created this video - in the belief that an OD in his office will be honest with you about this subject.

Too many people believe that they can "argue and OD into being helpful.  That is the worst mistake you could ever make.


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Re: The assumption that you can "suggest" that an OD will ever help - ever.
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Subject: Why you will NEVER hear an OD or MD, discuss what is CERTAIN TO HAPPEN, if you start wearing a minus lens.

Don Rehm, is correct in his video  88 percent, and very serous myopia, is a DIRECT consequence of STARTING to wear a minus lens all the time.

The "Health Profession" is brain-dead, because it is convenient to be that way.  There is a legal reason for their "mouth shut" attitude.

It is a combination of legal (the fear you), and money, (they get paid for impressing you with a strong minus.)

Yes, plus-prevention does take a bold, wise person - and few people have that type of understanding and resolve.

But no one will "feel bad", if you just get worse, and worse, and worse - from wearing that strong minus all the
time.  Prevention is a "fighting chance" never a guarantee.

Jake talks about "changing the paradigm", as in, "you walk into a shop with 20/40, and you get an HONEST
discussion of prevention - and what *you* must do about it.

Do not kid yourself.  IT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.
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