Author Topic: I am sorry, but with 20/30 vision, your child need a -2 diopter lens.  (Read 988 times)

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Subject:  How do you avoid this tragic situation?

How you you "fight against" that first minus lens - you got when you did not need it.

How do you ask an optometrist to "no prescribe" any minus, when you confirm you pass the 20/30 line?

The OD KNOWS with absolute certainly, that if you start wearing a strong minus, your refractive state will plummet downward - out of control.


Jake>  The optometrist visit, usually after a teacher reports the child squinting, almost always has the same outcome.  Glasses are prescribed. 

Jake>  This can be devastating to the parents.  Especially when myopia starts at an early age, the future is bleak.  Studies show that child myopia progresses at an average rate of 0.75 diopter increase per year.   This is a huge amount of myopia, which quickly leads to massively increased risks of other side effects.  Myopic children are significantly more likely to suffer from dangerous eye conditions in their adult lives.  Glaucoma risks are gravely higher.  Retinal detachment risk grows by 4 times for even mild myopia, and ten times for myopia over five diopters.  As such, myopia isn’t just about glasses.  Myopia is the first problem leading to a lifetime of possibly grave eyesight problems.


But he NEVER wants to tell you what he knows.  He KNOWS about this scientific truth - for the behavior of all normal eyes.

But he will say, "... well we can't do anything about it".  Or "we do not know that prevention is possible -- if YOU DO IT YOURSELF.

That is the real fraud of this situation.   I hate to see a person, with his eyes ruined, by the first minus lens, finally "wake up" and realize how badly he was treated.

But I do agree that prevention does take a very determined person who WILL wear the plus though the school years, and accept that passing the 20/30 line, is success, in that he can
always avoid wearing a minus  lens.

Jake is correct in this presentation.  It is good to understand these issues.
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