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Optometrist statement - for your interest.
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Subject: Do not the ODs KNOW the minus is terrible, and makes the situation far worse? Makes it totally out of control?

Otis> Here is the statement by a very concerned OD.

Maurice>  I share the same view on the myopia issue. My heart ache every time I prescribe glasses to a myopic child for his first time.
the history of myopia control is 140 years old and the story of its cover up is contained in my page. take the time to look at it all its time well spent.

Otis>   I avoid words that make people "up-set". I never say "cure", when I mean prevention - under your self-control. I simply do not "fight" with ODs. You are right - I want to "build a fire" under a person to THINK -- and make an educated choice about "just prevention" (when they can still read the 20/40 line. You have done your best, and fought hard about it.

Otis> But the real issue - is in the person himself. What do you say to him? How smart (in science) is he? My conclusion is Raphaelson's conclusion. The parents must supply the leadership for their own children. That process remains "in the future".

Otis>  I accept that I had better check my own Snellen objectively, and if I ever see my visual acuity going below 20/30, (self-measured -1 diopter), the I have a hell of a choice to make.  I must not take this issue into an OD's office - with all due respect. Even the OD hates the idea of a minus lens.  (But what else can he do?)

Otis> I know you all HATE the idea of long-term plus lens though the school years. (I probably would too - at 20/30).  But I have learned from these ODs, and scientific studies - that I MUST DO PREVENTION myself, including my own self-measured refraction.

Otis> That is how truly difficult, "just prevention" is - for anyone.  The OD's job is not to "converse with you" and tell you scientific truth.  That is up to you.
If you wish to avoid the minus, you must exceed the 20/30 line - and understand exactly why long-term plus wear is required - while you can still read the 20/30 line. 
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