Author Topic: Massive public confusion and apathy - will always kill prevention.  (Read 740 times)

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Subject: Jake (of endmyopia) is dead right about this issue - massive apathy in the public.  Do not blame the optometrist for this one. There is nothing the OD can do about it.

Prevention, in my judgment, means long-term plus wear.  The public always sees a "lens in use", (by me) and screams that, "only a doctor can be involved".
Then they relapse, into wearing a strong minus all the time, because the love that 20/10 they get though a -2 diopter lens.  That is indeed a dangerous problem.  When you use a "plus" on yourself - you are told that you should, "see an optometrist".

That is where I, "draw the line".  I will not "fight" with an OD about this - although many judge this situation the way that I do.

If I see a person who is about to shoot himself in the foot, I say, "please be careful".  Then he does it anyway.  But enjoy the humor of it.


Jake –

It takes great emotion to do your advocacy. I learned of this problem from an optometrist – who insisted his own children always wear a plus for close work. I do not care if you say, “reduced prescription for near”, or “plus lens for near” (assuming self-verified 20/40 stage). The concept is still the same. I got a lot of “ho-hem”, response from my sister’s children. But equally, I got the response that wearing a “reduced lens” for near, was totally essential, though the school years – or else you lose your distant vision permanently. I look forward to the day, when a person, confirming 20/40, and -1 diopter, will personally “commit” to long-term prevention work. There are quite a few ODs who recognize that this is necessary. But they totally recognize the public’s apathy, and even hostility towards all scientific prevention. Yes, a person will “dabble”, with these methods, and if they do not see 20/10 vision, they quit. Prevention is for the long-term. Thanks!