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A picture of a kid in a plus. (Looks crazy.)
« on: September 04, 2015, 04:02:26 AM »
The OD and MD, have suggested this - but then they think of the "ignorant public".  Then they say - is it not "my job" to teach a person how necessary it is to do this.  They also know that all prevention (at 20/40) is un-conventional - and the public will always reject this scientific concept.

Jake –

Thanks for that picture. There are a number of smart ophthalmologists and optometrist, who have come to that conclusion (after years of research and frustration). This means that at a refractive state of from 0.0 to -1/2 diopters our children should start wearing a +2 for all close work. At first, that makes no “sense” at all. But after long review of (yes, scientific facts), it becomes clear that it would be very wise to accept that it is necessary. You are a pioneer is this “new science”, and I greatly respect your efforts. Prevention for me, is a pure scientific education, when I can still confirm 20/40 on my “home Snellen”. The minus is “pure reaction”, and I respect that problem. There has GOT to be better way – led by you.

Endmyopia - is a hope.  Only your science - can make it possible.

Do medical people, "know about this".  Yes they do.

But true success - depends on accepting "plus wear", as long as we are in college.


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