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Re: Irritaded eye only at sleep
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Useful information from JimBoston:

"Hyperosmotic agents are also routinely used in RCE. During sleep there is a relative hypotonicity of the tear  lt's as a result of decreased tear  fluid evaporation. The reduced tear osmolarity at night will cause a shift of water from the tear  film into the cornea, resulting in a relative corneal epithelial edema and decreased epithelial adhesion. Hypertonic (5%) sodium chloride, either drops or ointment, will promote epithelial adherence by increasing the tear osmolarity, thereby, decreasing epithelial edema and promoting epithelial adherence. These agents should be continued for a few months after the last attack, as it takes a few months for the adhesion complexes to build up."

textbook Ocular Surface Disease: Cornea, Conjunctiva and Tear Film (2013), chapter 26, Corneal Epithelial Adhesion Disorders